Review abstract

Nature Methods 7, S56 - S68 (2010)

Visualization of omics data for systems biology

Nils Gehlenborg1,2, Seán I O'Donoghue1, Nitin S Baliga4, Alexander Goesmann5, Matthew A Hibbs6, Hiroaki Kitano7,8,9, Oliver Kohlbacher10, Heiko Neuweger5, Reinhard Schneider3, Dan Tenenbaum4 & Anne-Claude Gavin3

High-throughput studies of biological systems are rapidly accumulating a wealth of 'omics'-scale data. Visualization is a key aspect of both the analysis and understanding of these data, and users now have many visualization methods and tools to choose from. The challenge is to create clear, meaningful and integrated visualizations that give biological insight, without being overwhelmed by the intrinsic complexity of the data. In this review, we discuss how visualization tools are being used to help interpret protein interaction, gene expression and metabolic profile data, and we highlight emerging new directions.

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