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Nature Medicine
September 2006, Volume 12 No 9
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Focus Top
Psychiatry Disorders
Sponsors Contents
A collection of research and review articles from Nature Publishing Group on recent advances in our understanding of psychiatric disorders.
Editorials Top
Dealing with disclosure p979
Abstract | Full text | PDF (63K)
News Top
AIDS meeting spotlights pills to prevent infection p981
Apoorva Mandavilli
Published online: 30 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm0906-981
Abstract | Full text | PDF (186K)
Mysterious 'Morgellons disease' prompts US investigation p982
Emma Marris
Published online: 30 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm0906-982a
Abstract | Full text | PDF (127K)
University shuts down virologist's work on questionable AIDS drug p982
Natasha Bolognesi
Published online: 30 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm0906-982b
Abstract | Full text | PDF (127K)
Drug companies accused of stalling tailored therapies p983
Gunjan Sinha
Published online: 30 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm0906-983a
Abstract | Full text | PDF (166K)
Text messages dig up pure water for Bangladesh's poor p983
Alisa Opar
Published online: 30 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm0906-983b
Abstract | Full text | PDF (166K)
News In brief pp984 - 985
Full text | PDF (326K)
News feature: A few good scientists pp986 - 987
Meredith Wadman
Published online: 30 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm0906-986
Abstract | Full text | PDF (184K)
Profile: Paul Epstein p988
Alisa Opar
Published online: 30 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm0906-988
Abstract | Full text | PDF (107K)
Book Review Top
Biotechnology and humanity p989
Michael A Goldman reviews Is Human Nature Obsolete? Genetics, Bioengineering, and the Future of the Human Condition by Harold W. Baillie & Timothy K. Casey
Full text | PDF (74K)
News and Views Top
Killers become builders during pregnancy pp991 - 992
Philippe Le Bouteiller & Julie Tabiasco
Abstract | Full text | PDF (608K)
See also: Article by Hanna et al.
Taming the clot-buster tPA pp993 - 994
Ted M Dawson & Valina L Dawson
Abstract | Full text | PDF (731K)
Microbes adapt to inner space pp994 - 996
Martin J Blaser
Abstract | Full text | PDF (764K)
See also: Article by Wunder et al.
Hypoxia pathway linked to kidney failure pp996 - 997
Gregg L Semenza
Abstract | Full text | PDF (184K)
See also: Letter by Ding et al.
HDAC7 supports vascular integrity pp997 - 998
Joseph M Miano & Bradford C Berk
Abstract | Full text | PDF (287K)
Snake bites and bee stings: the mast cell strikes back pp999 - 1000
Juan Rivera
Abstract | Full text | PDF (1,185K)
Supressing the supressors pp1000 - 1002
Pamela S Ohashi & Wen Chen Yeh
Abstract | Full text | PDF (465K)
See also: Letter by King et al.
Enabling the suppressors p1002
Charlotte Schubert
Full text | PDF (339K)
Research Highlights p1003
Full text | PDF (115K)
Reviews Top
Inflammation in Alzheimer disease: driving force, bystander or beneficial response? pp1005 - 1015
Tony Wyss-Coray
Published online: 07 September 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1484
Abstract | Full text | PDF (2,237K)
Pathophysiologically based treatment interventions in schizophrenia pp1016 - 1022
David A Lewis & Guillermo Gonzalez-Burgos
Published online: 07 September 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1478
Abstract | Full text | PDF (222K)
Brief Communications Top
Role of deficient type III interferon-lambda production in asthma exacerbations pp1023 - 1026
Marco Contoli, Simon D Message, Vasile Laza-Stanca, Michael R Edwards, Peter A B Wark, Nathan W Bartlett, Tatiana Kebadze, Patrick Mallia, Luminita A Stanciu, Hayley L Parker, Louise Slater, Anita Lewis-Antes, Onn M Kon, Stephen T Holgate, Donna E Davies, Sergei V Kotenko, Alberto Papi & Sebastian L Johnston
Published online: 13 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1462
Abstract | Full text | PDF (179K)  | Supplementary Information
Transfer of a point mutation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhA resolves the target of isoniazid pp1027 - 1029
Catherine Vilchèze, Feng Wang, Masayoshi Arai, Manzour Hernando Hazbón, Roberto Colangeli, Laurent Kremer, Torin R Weisbrod, David Alland, James C Sacchettini & William R Jacobs Jr
Published online: 13 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1466
Abstract | Full text | PDF (251K)  | Supplementary Information
Articles Top
Cholesterol glucosylation promotes immune evasion by Helicobacter pylori pp1030 - 1038
Christian Wunder, Yuri Churin, Florian Winau, Dirk Warnecke, Michael Vieth, Buko Lindner, Ulrich Zähringer, Hans-Joachim Mollenkopf, Ernst Heinz & Thomas F Meyer
Published online: 03 September 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1480
Abstract | Full text | PDF (596K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Blaser
Adoptive transfer of T-cell precursors enhances T-cell reconstitution after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation pp1039 - 1047
Johannes L Zakrzewski, Adam A Kochman, Sydney X Lu, Theis H Terwey, Theo D Kim, Vanessa M Hubbard, Stephanie J Muriglan, David Suh, Odette M Smith, Jeremy Grubin, Neel Patel, Andrew Chow, Javier Cabrera-Perez, Radhika Radhakrishnan, Adi Diab, Miguel-Angel Perales, Gabrielle Rizzuto, Ewa Menet, Eric G Pamer, Glen Heller, Juan Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker, Önder Alpdogan & Marcel R M van den Brink
Published online: 27 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1463
Abstract | Full text | PDF (458K)  | Supplementary Information
NR4A orphan nuclear receptors are transcriptional regulators of hepatic glucose metabolism pp1048 - 1055
Liming Pei, Hironori Waki, Bhavapriya Vaitheesvaran, Damien C Wilpitz, Irwin J Kurland & Peter Tontonoz
Published online: 13 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1471
Abstract | Full text | PDF (297K)  | Supplementary Information
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors enhance the resolution of inflammation by promoting inflammatory cell apoptosis pp1056 - 1064
Adriano G Rossi, Deborah A Sawatzky, Annemieke Walker, Carol Ward, Tara A Sheldrake, Nicola A Riley, Alison Caldicott, Magdalena Martinez-Losa, Trevor R Walker, Rodger Duffin, Mohini Gray, Elvira Crescenzi, Morag C Martin, Hugh J Brady, John S Savill, Ian Dransfield & Christopher Haslett
Published online: 03 September 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1468
Abstract | Full text | PDF (509K)
Decidual NK cells regulate key developmental processes at the human fetal-maternal interface pp1065 - 1074
Jacob Hanna, Debra Goldman-Wohl, Yaron Hamani, Inbal Avraham, Caryn Greenfield, Shira Natanson-Yaron, Diana Prus, Leonor Cohen-Daniel, Tal I Arnon, Irit Manaster, Roi Gazit, Vladimir Yutkin, Daniel Benharroch, Angel Porgador, Eli Keshet, Simcha Yagel & Ofer Mandelboim
Published online: 06 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1452
Abstract | Full text | PDF (982K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Le Bouteiller & Tabiasco
Letters Top
Apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells induces features of plaque vulnerability in atherosclerosis pp1075 - 1080
Murray C H Clarke, Nichola Figg, Janet J Maguire, Anthony P Davenport, Martin Goddard, Trevor D Littlewood & Martin R Bennett
Published online: 06 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1459
Abstract | Full text | PDF (704K)  | Supplementary Information
Loss of the tumor suppressor Vhlh leads to upregulation of Cxcr4 and rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis in mice pp1081 - 1087
Mei Ding, Shiying Cui, Chengjin Li, Serge Jothy, Volker Haase, Brent M Steer, Philip A Marsden, Jeffrey Pippin, Stuart Shankland, Maria Pia Rastaldi, Clemens D Cohen, Matthias Kretzler & Susan E Quaggin
Published online: 13 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1460
Abstract | Full text | PDF (757K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Semenza
TRAF6 is a T cell–intrinsic negative regulator required for the maintenance of immune homeostasis pp1088 - 1092
Carolyn G King, Takashi Kobayashi, Pedro J Cejas, Taesoo Kim, Kwiyeom Yoon, Gregory K Kim, Elise Chiffoleau, Somia P Hickman, Patrick T Walsh, Laurence A Turka & Yongwon Choi
Published online: 20 July 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1449
Abstract | Full text | PDF (378K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Ohashi & Yeh
Technical Reports Top
Exogenous control of mammalian gene expression via modulation of translational termination pp1093 - 1099
George J Murphy, Gustavo Mostoslavsky, Darrell N Kotton & Richard C Mulligan
Published online: 06 August 2006 | doi:10.1038/nm1376
Abstract | Full text | PDF (315K)
Corrigendum Top
Corrigendum: ErbB2 receptor tyrosine kinase signaling mediates early demyelination induced by leprosy bacilli p1100
N Tapinos, M Ohnishi & A Rambukkana
Full text | PDF (49K)
Retraction Top
RETRACTION: The autoimmune regulator (Aire) controls iNKT cell development and maturation p1100
Qing-Sheng Mi, Zhong-Bin Deng, Sunil K Joshi, Zai-Zhao Wang, Li Zhou, Sarah Eckenrode, Ratanmani Joshi, Dalam Ly, Bing Yi, Terry L Delovitch & Jin-Xiong She
Full text | PDF (49K)
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