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    January 2011

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        60 years of Immunology at the MRC National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Mill Hill, UK

        Since the start of immunological research at NIMR in 1950, scientists at the institute have been involved in some key discoveries. Key figures at the Institute — past and present — recall their time there in this joint podcast from Nature Immunology and Nature Reviews Immunology in collaboration with NIMR. For more details about the history of immunology at NIMR please take a look at this article by Anne O'Garra and Dimitris Kioussis.

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The Nature Immunology Podcast reports on cutting-edge immunological news from around the world. It covers not only the hottest topics in current immunological research but also pieces of historical and policy interest for immunologists. Tune into the podcast to get the real scoop on the dynamic field of immunology.


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