Figure 3 - The Flu Orphans.

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Protective immunity and susceptibility to infectious diseases: lessons from the 1918 influenza pandemic

Rafi Ahmed, Michael B A Oldstone & Peter Palese

Nature Immunology 8, 1188 - 1193 (2007) Published online: 19 October 2007


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Children in the remote Alaskan village of Nushagak survived the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic. However, most of their parents and grandparents succumbed to the 1918 pandemic virus, probably because they had not been exposed to an earlier H1-like influenza virus as a result of their geographic isolation. The photograph was taken in the summer of 1919. Printed with permission from the Alaska State Library, Core: Nushagak-People-4, Alaskan Packers Association, PCA 01-2432.