Figure 1 - Reconstructions of biomass burning, climate, population and land cover.

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Climate and human influences on global biomass burning over the past two millennia

J. R. Marlon, P. J. Bartlein, C. Carcaillet, D. G. Gavin, S. P. Harrison, P. E. Higuera, F. Joos, M. J. Power & I. C. Prentice

Nature Geoscience 1, 697 - 702 (2008) Published online: 21 September 2008


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a, Reconstruction of global (red line) and Northern Hemisphere (purple line) biomass burning with confidence intervals based on bootstrap resampling by site. A dashed line is used to represent increased uncertainty in late twentieth century changes in biomass burning. b, Reconstructions of Northern Hemisphere climate18 with mean values (purple line) of available reconstructions, trend line (dotted line) for first part of record and overlap of uncertainty ranges of ten Northern Hemisphere temperature reconstructions after AD 700 (grey shading). c, World population from the HYDE 3.0 database30. d, Atmospheric CO2 concentration42, 43, 44. e, Global agricultural land cover30.