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Nature Genetics 41, 216 - 220 (2009)
Published online: 4 January 2009 | Corrected online: 28 April 2009 | doi:10.1038/ng.275

There is a Corrigendum (June 2009) associated with this Letter.

Ulcerative colitis–risk loci on chromosomes 1p36 and 12q15 found by genome-wide association study

Mark S Silverberg1,22, Judy H Cho2,3,22, John D Rioux4, Dermot P B McGovern5, Jing Wu6, Vito Annese7, Jean-Paul Achkar8, Philippe Goyette4, Regan Scott9, Wei Xu10, M Michael Barmada11, Lambertus Klei12, Mark J Daly13, Clara Abraham2, Theodore M Bayless14, Fabrizio Bossa7, Anne M Griffiths15, Andrew F Ippoliti5, Raymond G Lahaie16, Anna Latiano7, Pierre Paré17, Deborah D Proctor2, Miguel D Regueiro9, A Hillary Steinhart1, Stephan R Targan5, L Philip Schumm18, Emily O Kistner18, Annette T Lee19, Peter K Gregersen19, Jerome I Rotter5,20, Steven R Brant14,21, Kent D Taylor5,20, Kathryn Roeder6 & Richard H Duerr9,11


Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the colon that presents as diarrhea and gastrointestinal bleeding. We performed a genome-wide association study using DNA samples from 1,052 individuals with ulcerative colitis and preexisting data from 2,571 controls, all of European ancestry. In an analysis that controlled for gender and population structure, ulcerative colitis loci attaining genome-wide significance and subsequent replication in two independent populations were identified on chromosomes 1p36 (rs6426833, combined P = 5.1 times 10-13, combined odds ratio OR = 0.73) and 12q15 (rs1558744, combined P = 2.5 times 10-12, combined OR = 1.35). In addition, combined genome-wide significant evidence for association was found in a region spanning BTNL2 to HLA-DQB1 on chromosome 6p21 (rs2395185, combined P = 1.0 times 10-16, combined OR = 0.66) and at the IL23R locus on chromosome 1p31 (rs11209026, combined P = 1.3 times 10-8, combined OR = 0.56; rs10889677, combined P = 1.3 times 10-8, combined OR = 1.29).

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  22. These authors contributed equally to this work

Correspondence to: Richard H Duerr9,11 e-mail: duerr@pitt.edu

* NOTE: In the first paragraph of the second column on the third page, rs11209026 A allele was incorrectly listed as rs111209026 A allele. The error has been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.