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Nature Genetics 41, 1182 - 1190 (2009)
Published online: 11 October 2009 | doi:10.1038/ng.467

A genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 22 loci associated with eight hematological parameters in the HaemGen consortium

Nicole Soranzo1,2,45, Tim D Spector2,45, Massimo Mangino2,45, Brigitte Kühnel3, Augusto Rendon4, Alexander Teumer5, Christina Willenborg6,7, Benjamin Wright8, Li Chen9, Mingyao Li10, Perttu Salo11,12, Benjamin F Voight13,14, Philippa Burns4, Roman A Laskowski15, Yali Xue1, Stephan Menzel16, David Altshuler13,14,17,18,19, John R Bradley20, Suzannah Bumpstead1, Mary-Susan Burnett21, Joseph Devaney21, Angela Döring3, Roberto Elosua22, Stephen E Epstein21, Wendy Erber23, Mario Falchi2,24, Stephen F Garner4, Mohammed J R Ghori1, Alison H Goodall25, Rhian Gwilliam1, Hakon H Hakonarson26, Alistair S Hall27, Naomi Hammond1, Christian Hengstenberg28, Thomas Illig3, Inke R König6, Christopher W Knouff29, Ruth McPherson9, Olle Melander30, Vincent Mooser29, Matthias Nauck31, Markku S Nieminen32, Christopher J O'Donnell18,33, Leena Peltonen11,12, Simon C Potter1, Holger Prokisch34,35, Daniel J Rader36,37, Catherine M Rice1, Robert Roberts9, Veikko Salomaa11,12, Jennifer Sambrook4, Stefan Schreiber38, Heribert Schunkert7, Stephen M Schwartz39,40, Jovana Serbanovic-Canic4, Juha Sinisalo32, David S Siscovick39,40, Klaus Stark28, Ida Surakka12, Jonathan Stephens4, John R Thompson8, Uwe Völker5, Henry Völzke41, Nicholas A Watkins4, George A Wells9, H-Erich Wichmann3,42, David A Van Heel43, Chris Tyler-Smith1, Swee Lay Thein16, Sekar Kathiresan18,33, Markus Perola11,12, Muredach P Reilly36,37, Alexandre F R Stewart9, Jeanette Erdmann7, Nilesh J Samani25, Christa Meisinger3, Andreas Greinacher44, Panos Deloukas1,45, Willem H Ouwehand1,4,45 & Christian Gieger3,45

The number and volume of cells in the blood affect a wide range of disorders including cancer and cardiovascular, metabolic, infectious and immune conditions. We consider here the genetic variation in eight clinically relevant hematological parameters, including hemoglobin levels, red and white blood cell counts and platelet counts and volume. We describe common variants within 22 genetic loci reproducibly associated with these hematological parameters in 13,943 samples from six European population-based studies, including 6 associated with red blood cell parameters, 15 associated with platelet parameters and 1 associated with total white blood cell count. We further identified a long-range haplotype at 12q24 associated with coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction in 9,479 cases and 10,527 controls. We show that this haplotype demonstrates extensive disease pleiotropy, as it contains known risk loci for type 1 diabetes, hypertension and celiac disease and has been spread by a selective sweep specific to European and geographically nearby populations.

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  45. These authors contributed equally to this work.

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