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Nature Genetics
July 2005, Volume 37 No 7
Book Review
News and Views
About the cover
Editorial Top
Pause for postdocs p653
Full text | PDF (54K)
Correspondence Top
Misreading race and genomics after BiDil pp655 - 656
Jonathan Kahn
Full text | PDF (73K)
Book Review Top
Should biological collections be exploited commercially? p657
Reviewed by: David Smith
Full text | PDF (97K)
News and Views Top
RNA polymerase IV and transcriptional silencing pp659 - 660
Hervé Vaucheret
Abstract | Full text | PDF (716K)
See also: Letter by Kanno et al.
Vive la difference! pp660 - 661
Charles Lee
Abstract | Full text | PDF (101K)
See also: Letter by Tuzun et al.
A delay like no other pp662 - 663
Soni Lacefield & Andrew Murray
Abstract | Full text | PDF (110K)
See also: Letter by Cheslock et al.
A new TRP to kidney disease pp663 - 664
Thomas Gudermann
Abstract | Full text | PDF (154K)
See also: Letter by Reiser et al.
Resistance is futile pp665 - 666
Bert L Semler
Abstract | Full text | PDF (256K)
See also: Article by Crowder & Kirkegaard
Touching base p667
Full text | PDF (119K)
Research Highlights p669
Full text | PDF (63K)
Perspective Top
Priorities and standards in pharmacogenetic research pp671 - 681
Anna C Need, Arno G Motulsky & David B Goldstein
Published online: 28 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1593
Abstract | Full text | PDF (252K)
Articles Top
Genomic screening and replication using the same data set in family-based association testing pp683 - 691
Kristel Van Steen, Matthew B McQueen, Alan Herbert, Benjamin Raby, Helen Lyon, Dawn L DeMeo, Amy Murphy, Jessica Su, Soma Datta, Carsten Rosenow, Michael Christman, Edwin K Silverman, Nan M Laird, Scott T Weiss & Christoph Lange
Published online: 05 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1582
Abstract | Full text | PDF (237K)  | Supplementary Information
Gains of glycosylation comprise an unexpectedly large group of pathogenic mutations pp692 - 700
Guillaume Vogt, Ariane Chapgier, Kun Yang, Nadia Chuzhanova, Jacqueline Feinberg, Claire Fieschi, Stéphanie Boisson-Dupuis, Alexandre Alcais, Orchidée Filipe-Santos, Jacinta Bustamante, Ludovic de Beaucoudrey, Ibrahim Al-Mohsen, Sami Al-Hajjar, Abdulaziz Al-Ghonaium, Parisa Adimi, Mehdi Mirsaeidi, Soheila Khalilzadeh, Sergio Rosenzweig, Oscar de la Calle Martin, Thomas R Bauer, Jennifer M Puck, Hans D Ochs, Dieter Furthner, Carolin Engelhorn, Bernd Belohradsky, Davood Mansouri, Steven M Holland, Robert D Schreiber, Laurent Abel, David N Cooper, Claire Soudais & Jean-Laurent Casanova
Published online: 29 May 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1581
Abstract | Full text | PDF (558K)  | Supplementary Information
Trans-dominant inhibition of RNA viral replication can slow growth of drug-resistant viruses pp701 - 709
Scott Crowder & Karla Kirkegaard
Published online: 19 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1583
Abstract | Full text | PDF (538K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Semler
An integrative genomics approach to infer causal associations between gene expression and disease pp710 - 717
Eric E Schadt, John Lamb, Xia Yang, Jun Zhu, Steve Edwards, Debraj GuhaThakurta, Solveig K Sieberts, Stephanie Monks, Marc Reitman, Chunsheng Zhang, Pek Yee Lum, Amy Leonardson, Rolf Thieringer, Joseph M Metzger, Liming Yang, John Castle, Haoyuan Zhu, Shera F Kash, Thomas A Drake, Alan Sachs & Aldons J Lusis
Published online: 19 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1589
Abstract | Full text | PDF (279K)  | Supplementary Information
Temporal dissection of p53 function in vitro and in vivo pp718 - 726
Maria A Christophorou, Dionisio Martin-Zanca, Laura Soucek, Elizabeth R Lawlor, Lamorna Brown-Swigart, Emmy W Verschuren & Gerard I Evan
Published online: 29 May 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1572
Abstract | Full text | PDF (690K)
Letters Top
Fine-scale structural variation of the human genome pp727 - 732
Eray Tuzun, Andrew J Sharp, Jeffrey A Bailey, Rajinder Kaul, V Anne Morrison, Lisa M Pertz, Eric Haugen, Hillary Hayden, Donna Albertson, Daniel Pinkel, Maynard V Olson & Evan E Eichler
Published online: 15 May 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1562
Abstract | Full text | PDF (527K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Lee
Calcium-sensitive potassium channelopathy in human epilepsy and paroxysmal movement disorder pp733 - 738
Wei Du, Jocelyn F Bautista, Huanghe Yang, Ana Diez-Sampedro, Sun-Ah You, Lejin Wang, Prakash Kotagal, Hans O Lüders, Jingyi Shi, Jianmin Cui, George B Richerson & Qing K Wang
Published online: 05 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1585
Abstract | Full text | PDF (461K)  | Supplementary Information
TRPC6 is a glomerular slit diaphragm-associated channel required for normal renal function pp739 - 744
Jochen Reiser, Krishna R Polu, Clemens C Möller, Peter Kenlan, Mehmet M Altintas, Changli Wei, Christian Faul, Stephanie Herbert, Ivan Villegas, Carmen Avila-Casado, Mary McGee, Hikaru Sugimoto, Dennis Brown, Raghu Kalluri, Peter Mundel, Paula L Smith, David E Clapham & Martin R Pollak
Published online: 27 May 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1592
Abstract | Full text | PDF (631K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Gudermann
Use of human tissue to assess the oncogenic activity of melanoma-associated mutations pp745 - 749
Yakov Chudnovsky, Amy E Adams, Paul B Robbins, Qun Lin & Paul A Khavari
Published online: 12 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1586
Abstract | Full text | PDF (913K)  | Supplementary Information
Mutation in Rpa1 results in defective DNA double-strand break repair, chromosomal instability and cancer in mice pp750 - 755
Yuxun Wang, Christopher D Putnam, Michael F Kane, Weijia Zhang, Lisa Edelmann, Robert Russell, Danaise V Carrión, Lynda Chin, Raju Kucherlapati, Richard D Kolodner & Winfried Edelmann
Published online: 19 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1587
Abstract | Full text | PDF (409K)  | Supplementary Information
The roles of MAD1, MAD2 and MAD3 in meiotic progression and the segregation of nonexchange chromosomes pp756 - 760
Peter S Cheslock, Benedict J Kemp, Rebecca M Boumil & Dean S Dawson
Published online: 12 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1588
Abstract | Full text | PDF (278K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Lacefield & Murray
Atypical RNA polymerase subunits required for RNA-directed DNA methylation pp761 - 765
Tatsuo Kanno, Bruno Huettel, M Florian Mette, Werner Aufsatz, Estelle Jaligot, Lucia Daxinger, David P Kreil, Marjori Matzke & Antonius J M Matzke
Published online: 29 May 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1580
Abstract | Full text | PDF (265K)  | Supplementary Information
See also: News and Views by Vaucheret
Identification of hundreds of conserved and nonconserved human microRNAs pp766 - 770
Isaac Bentwich, Amir Avniel, Yael Karov, Ranit Aharonov, Shlomit Gilad, Omer Barad, Adi Barzilai, Paz Einat, Uri Einav, Eti Meiri, Eilon Sharon, Yael Spector & Zvi Bentwich
Published online: 19 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1590
Abstract | Full text | PDF (402K)  | Supplementary Information
Dynein mutations impair autophagic clearance of aggregate-prone proteins pp771 - 776
Brinda Ravikumar, Abraham Acevedo-Arozena, Sara Imarisio, Zdenek Berger, Coralie Vacher, Cahir J O'Kane, Steve D M Brown & David C Rubinsztein
Published online: 26 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1591
Abstract | Full text | PDF (285K)  | Supplementary Information
Birth of a metabolic gene cluster in yeast by adaptive gene relocation pp777 - 782
Simon Wong & Kenneth H Wolfe
Published online: 12 June 2005 | doi:10.1038/ng1584
Abstract | Full text | PDF (189K)  | Supplementary Information
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