Integrative systems biology

Trey Ideker and Sourav Bandyopadhyay

December 2010 Vol 42 No. 12

Produced with support from Agilent Technologies

Systems biology is the study of biology through systematic perturbation, global read-out of the multifaceted response and integration of these data to formulate predictive models. This poster highlights the key steps in the systems biology approach, with a focus on how global data sets are assembled into models of system structure and function.

Techniques for model assembly span many layers of abstraction, including statistical mining, alignment across data sets, probabilistic inference, differential equations and data visualization. These integrative approaches chart the key components and interactions of biological systems over scales ranging from single pathways to whole cells to entire populations of individuals.

Finally, this poster considers applications of systems biology to biomedical research, in order to identify genetic risk factors for disease, allow for model-based personalized diagnostics and treatment regimens and suggest new avenues for drug discovery.

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