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New competition in Germany p711




Mircea Steriade 1924–2006 p713

György Buzsáki & Denis Paré



News and Views

How inflammation promotes regeneration pp715 - 717

Marie T Filbin


Macrophages near neuronal cell bodies can promote regeneration in an otherwise inhibitory environment. Now Yin et al. identify oncomodulin as a factor secreted from macrophages that promotes extensive regeneration of lesioned optic nerve axons when applied together with elevated cyclic AMP (cAMP) and mannose.

See also: Article by Yin et al.

Chalk one up for 'nature' during neocortical neurogenesis pp717 - 718

Ken-ichi Mizutani & Nicholas Gaiano


During development, neurons destined for different neocortical layers are sequentially generated. Shen et al. report that this timing is programmed within individual progenitor cells and depends mainly on cell-intrinsic mechanisms.

See also: Article by Shen et al.

Biochemical confinements without walls in aspiny neurons pp719 - 720

Pablo E Castillo & Kamran Khodakhah


Dendritic spines confine activity-dependent changes to the affected synapses. A paper in this issue reports that retarded diffusion in dendrites of aspiny interneurons may create dendritic biochemical compartments without spines.

See also: Article by Soler-Llavina & Sabatini

The stuff dreams are made of: anatomical substrates of REM sleep pp721 - 722

Jerome M Siegel


Exactly how animals switch between different sleep states remains unknown. A new study in Nature provides a glimpse into the mechanisms and anatomy of the brain regions that trigger rapid eye movement sleep.

More neurons may not make you smarter p722

Kalyani Narasimhan


See also: Brief Communication by Meshi et al.


Brief Communications

Hippocampal neurogenesis is not required for behavioral effects of environmental enrichment pp729 - 731

Dar Meshi, Michael R Drew, Michael Saxe, Mark S Ansorge, Denis David, Luca Santarelli, Chariklia Malapani, Holly Moore & René Hen


See also: News and Views by Narasimhan

Impaired light masking in dopamine D2 receptor–null mice pp732 - 734

Masao Doi, Irene Yujnovsky, Jun Hirayama, Monica Malerba, Emanuele Tirotta, Paolo Sassone-Corsi & Emiliana Borrelli


BDNF val66met polymorphism is associated with modified experience-dependent plasticity in human motor cortex pp735 - 737

Jeffrey A Kleim, Sheila Chan, Erin Pringle, Kellan Schallert, Vincent Procaccio, Richard Jimenez & Steven C Cramer




The timing of cortical neurogenesis is encoded within lineages of individual progenitor cells pp743 - 751

Qin Shen, Yue Wang, John T Dimos, Christopher A Fasano, Timothy N Phoenix, Ihor R Lemischka, Natalia B Ivanova, Stefano Stifani, Edward E Morrisey & Sally Temple


See also: News and Views by Mizutani & Gaiano

Syndapin I is the phosphorylation-regulated dynamin I partner in synaptic vesicle endocytosis pp752 - 760

Victor Anggono, Karen J Smillie, Mark E Graham, Valentina A Valova, Michael A Cousin & Phillip J Robinson


Eph receptors are negatively controlled by protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type O pp761 - 769

Takafumi Shintani, Masaru Ihara, Hiraki Sakuta, Hiroo Takahashi, Ikuko Watakabe & Masaharu Noda


Doublecortin maintains bipolar shape and nuclear translocation during migration in the adult forebrain pp779 - 786

Hiroyuki Koizumi, Holden Higginbotham, Tiffany Poon, Teruyuki Tanaka, Brendan C Brinkman & Joseph G Gleeson


Midline radial glia translocation and corpus callosum formation require FGF signaling pp787 - 797

Karen Müller Smith, Yasushi Ohkubo, Maria Elisabetta Maragnoli, Mladen-Roko Rašin, Michael L Schwartz, Nenad Šestan & Flora M Vaccarino


Astrocytic Ca2+ signaling evoked by sensory stimulation in vivo pp816 - 823

Xiaohai Wang, Nanhong Lou, Qiwu Xu, Guo-Feng Tian, Wei Guo Peng, Xiaoning Han, Jian Kang, Takahiro Takano & Maiken Nedergaard


Palmitoylation of huntingtin by HIP14is essential for its trafficking and function pp824 - 831

Anat Yanai, Kun Huang, Rujun Kang, Roshni R Singaraja, Pamela Arstikaitis, Lu Gan, Paul C Orban, Asher Mullard, Catherine M Cowan, Lynn A Raymond, Renaldo C Drisdel, William N Green, Brinda Ravikumar, David C Rubinsztein, Alaa El-Husseini & Michael R Hayden


RGS4-dependent attenuation of M4 autoreceptor function in striatal cholinergic interneurons following dopamine depletion pp832 - 842

Jun Ding, Jaime N Guzman, Tatiana Tkatch, Songhai Chen, Joshua A Goldberg, Philip J Ebert, Pat Levitt, Charles J Wilson, Heidi E Hamm & D James Surmeier


Oncomodulin is a macrophage-derived signal for axon regeneration in retinal ganglion cells pp843 - 852

Yuqin Yin, Michael T Henzl, Barbara Lorber, Toru Nakazawa, Tommy T Thomas, Fan Jiang, Robert Langer & Larry I Benowitz


See also: News and Views by Filbin