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Figure 1

Nature Neuroscience  4, 1055 - 1056 (2001)

Coding the temporal structure of sounds in auditory cortex

David R. Moore, Jan W. H. Schnupp & Andrew J. King
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Figure 1. Responses to click stimuli of hypothetical synchronized and non-synchronized auditory cortex neurons in the study of Lu and colleagues5.
Synchronized neurons respond in a 'phase-locked' manner to inter-click intervals (ICIs) longer than about 20 ms. At slightly shorter ICIs (10−20 ms), they have non-synchronized, sustained discharges that decrease in rate with decreasing ICI (that is, increasing repetition rate). For very short ICIs, they discharge only at the onset and offset of the stimulus train. Non-synchronized neurons do not respond to clicks presented at low rates. As ICIs decrease from 50−30 ms, they show a gradually increasing, sustained response rate. Their response rate dramatically increases for ICIs shorter than about 30 ms.

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