Figure 4 - Sleep frames replayed multicell firing sequences during RUN in both the visual cortex and the hippocampus.

From the following article

Coordinated memory replay in the visual cortex and hippocampus during sleep

Daoyun Ji & Matthew A Wilson

Nature Neuroscience 10, 100 - 107 (2007) Published online: 17 December 2006


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(a) Cortical firing sequence during RUN and in a POST sleep frame. Lap, firing pattern during a single running lap on the leftright trajectory. Each row represents a cell and each tick represents a spike. Avg, template firing sequence obtained by averaging over all laps on the trajectory. Each curve represents the average firing rate of a cell. Cells were assigned to numbers 0, 1, etc. and then arranged (01234567) from bottom to top according to the order of their firing peaks (vertical lines). Frame, the same cells' firing patterns in a POST sleep frame. Triangles and circles, frame start and end times, respectively. Seq, firing sequence in the frame. Spike trains were convolved with a gaussian window and cells were ordered (0132567) according to the peaks (vertical lines) of the resulted curves. (b) Same as a, but for cells in the hippocampus on the same trajectory.