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Latest Research

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    Decentralized solar electricity is an important tool for expanding electricity access. Using data from sub-Saharan Africa, researchers identify a systematic scaling between reliability and cost. Future scenarios suggest these systems will compete with centralized grids on both cost and reliability.

    • Jonathan T. Lee
    •  & Duncan S. Callaway
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    Building energy efficiency can be important for CO2 emissions reduction, especially in rapidly developing nations such as China, where extensive new construction is expected to take place over the coming decades. Researchers show potential for high emissions reduction in buildings in China up to 2050 using a detailed scenario modelling exercise.

    • Nan Zhou
    • , Nina Khanna
    • , Wei Feng
    • , Jing Ke
    •  & Mark Levine
  • Analysis |

    In the Middle East, new solar projects are being launched where developers have agreed to provide solar energy at record-low costs to utilities. Here, researchers analyse the key factors contributing to the low cost, showing that it is possible to replicate similar costs in other parts of the world.

    • Harry Apostoleris
    • , Sgouris Sgouridis
    • , Marco Stefancich
    •  & Matteo Chiesa
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    Integrating biofuel production with petrorefinery operations offers potential efficiency savings, but is technologically immature. Here, Deneyer et al. use a two-phase catalytic process that converts (hemi)cellulose into light naphtha, utilizing petro-derived solvent streams to deliver a fuel containing 10% bio-derived carbon.

    • Aron Deneyer
    • , Elise Peeters
    • , Tom Renders
    • , Sander Van den Bosch
    • , Nette Van Oeckel
    • , Thijs Ennaert
    • , Tibor Szarvas
    • , Tamás I. Korányi
    • , Michiel Dusselier
    •  & Bert F. Sels
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    A well-designed artificial solid-electrolyte interphase (ASEI) could help resolve multiple problems associated with the use of metallic Li anodes in batteries. Here, the authors develop a Langmuir–Blodgett method to produce an ASEI composed of functionalized graphene oxide with a compatible electrolyte formulation, which facilitates a stable cycling of Li metal batteries.

    • Mun Sek Kim
    • , Ji-Hyun Ryu
    • , Deepika
    • , Young Rok Lim
    • , In Wook Nah
    • , Kwang-Ryeol Lee
    • , Lynden A. Archer
    •  & Won Il Cho

News & Comment

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    Solar home systems are seen as a quick and effective way to relieve people from energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. A new study shows that such systems can be more than an interim solution towards achieving SDG7 as they become cheaper than grid electricity while providing the same or better levels of reliability.

    • Philipp Blechinger
  • News & Views |

    Semi-artificial photosynthesis offers advantages over purely natural or synthetic routes to producing chemicals from solar energy, but devices based on it have remained elusive. Now, researchers couple a dye-sensitized photoanode with natural components to generate H2 photoelectrochemically from water without additional bias.

    • Paul W. King


Photovoltaic scale-up and deployment

Antal Thoma, CSEM

Photovoltaic scale-up and deployment

This Focus examines some of the challenges in scaling-up photovoltaic technologies from the laboratory to the real world and explores upcoming deployment routes.