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  • Article |

    Application-specific duty profiles can have a substantial effect on the degradation of utility-scale electrochemical batteries. Here, the researchers propose a framework for controlling battery use in a manner that maximizes the life-cycle benefit of batteries, taking both tariffs and long- and short-term battery degradation into account.

    • Guannan He
    • , Qixin Chen
    • , Panayiotis Moutis
    • , Soummya Kar
    •  & Jay F. Whitacre
  • Article |

    The rising share of variable renewable energy sources in the grid makes planning future power systems more complex. Zeyringer et al. present an approach that uses multiple weather-years of data and highlights the need to incorporate inter-annual weather variability into planning decisions.

    • Marianne Zeyringer
    • , James Price
    • , Birgit Fais
    • , Pei-Hao Li
    •  & Ed Sharp
  • Article |

    Organic tandem solar cells combining solution- and vapour-deposited layers are difficult to fabricate due to the degradation of the underlying subcell during the deposition of the next subcell. Here, Che et al. design a charge recombination layer that protects the underlying cell and leads to 15% average PCE for 2 mm2 devices and 11.5% PCE for 1 cm2 devices.

    • Xiaozhou Che
    • , Yongxi Li
    • , Yue Qu
    •  & Stephen R. Forrest
  • Perspective |

    In recent years, Middle Eastern and North African oil-exporting states have begun reforming their energy subsidies. This Perspective argues that a number of trends — both local and global — have offered political cover for the changes, and that the reforms challenge existing governance theory.

    • Jim Krane
  • Review Article |

    The battery manufacturing process significantly affects battery performance. This Review provides an introductory overview of production technologies for automotive batteries and discusses the importance of understanding relationships between the production process and battery performance.

    • Arno Kwade
    • , Wolfgang Haselrieder
    • , Ruben Leithoff
    • , Armin Modlinger
    • , Franz Dietrich
    •  & Klaus Droeder
  • Review Article |

    Electrification is seen as the future of automotive industry, and deployment of electric vehicles largely depends on the development of rechargeable batteries. Here, the authors survey the state-of-the-art advances in active materials, electrolytes and cell chemistries for automotive batteries.

    • Richard Schmuch
    • , Ralf Wagner
    • , Gerhard Hörpel
    • , Tobias Placke
    •  & Martin Winter

News & Comment

  • News & Views |

    Battery charging and discharging regimes mostly attempt to maximize potential profit by following price signals. Combining a technical understanding of batteries with financial theory, researchers now present a framework that allows optimization of economic benefits considering both potential revenues and battery degradation.

    • Martin Beuse
  • News & Views |

    Membrane technologies for carbon capture can offer economic and environmental advantages over conventional amine-based absorption, but can suffer from limited gas flux and selectivity to CO2. Now, a membrane based on enzymes embedded in hydrophilic pores is shown to exhibit combined flux and selectivity that challenges the state of the art.

    • Sandra Kentish
  • News & Views |

    Quantitative scenarios from energy–economic models inform decision-making about uncertain futures. Now, research shows the different ways these scenarios are subsequently used by users not involved in their initial development. In the absence of clear guidance from modellers, users may place too much or too little confidence in scenario assumptions and results.

    • Gokul Iyer
    •  & James Edmonds
  • Q&A |

    Professor M Stanley Whittingham is a pioneering researcher in the development of lithium-ion batteries at Binghamton University and Kent Snyder leads battery research and development at Ford Motor Company. Nature Energy caught up with both during the Nature Conference on Materials Electrochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications held in China in January 2018.

    • Changjun Zhang


Automotive batteries

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Automotive batteries

This Insight explores practical aspects of automotive battery development, covering topics including battery materials, production processes, battery safety issues, and market needs.