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Latest Research

  • Analysis |

    Electric aircraft offer an aviation decarbonization pathway and attract increasing attention owing to the rapid development of batteries. Here Andreas Schäfer and colleagues analyse the potential technological, economic and environmental viability of battery-electric commercial aircraft.

    • Andreas W. Schäfer
    • , Steven R. H. Barrett
    • , Khan Doyme
    • , Lynnette M. Dray
    • , Albert R. Gnadt
    • , Rod Self
    • , Aidan O’Sullivan
    • , Athanasios P. Synodinos
    •  & Antonio J. Torija
  • Article |

    Integrating electrocatalytic H2 production with biological H2-fed systems for CO2 upgrading requires H2 generation to occur in biocompatible media—typically with neutral pH. Here, the authors design multi-site H2 evolution catalysts that minimize the water dissociation barrier and promote hydride coupling in neutral media.

    • Cao-Thang Dinh
    • , Ankit Jain
    • , F. Pelayo García de Arquer
    • , Phil De Luna
    • , Jun Li
    • , Ning Wang
    • , Xueli Zheng
    • , Jun Cai
    • , Benjamin Z. Gregory
    • , Oleksandr Voznyy
    • , Bo Zhang
    • , Min Liu
    • , David Sinton
    • , Ethan J. Crumlin
    •  & Edward H. Sargent
  • Article |

    The oxygen reduction reaction, catalysed by platinum, is a crucial process in the operation of fuel cells, but the mechanistic pathways through which it occurs remain a matter for debate. Here, the authors use in situ Raman spectroscopy to identify key intermediates for this reaction at different atomically flat platinum surfaces, shedding light on the mechanism.

    • Jin-Chao Dong
    • , Xia-Guang Zhang
    • , Valentín Briega-Martos
    • , Xi Jin
    • , Ji Yang
    • , Shu Chen
    • , Zhi-Lin Yang
    • , De-Yin Wu
    • , Juan Miguel Feliu
    • , Christopher T. Williams
    • , Zhong-Qun Tian
    •  & Jian-Feng Li
  • Article |

    Large variations exist in the revenue prediction of grid-scale storage due to uncertainties in operations of storage technologies. Here the authors integrate the economic evaluation of energy storage with key battery parameters for a realistic measure of revenues.

    • D. M. Davies
    • , M. G. Verde
    • , O. Mnyshenko
    • , Y. R. Chen
    • , R. Rajeev
    • , Y. S. Meng
    •  & G. Elliott
  • Article |

    The development of aluminium batteries relies heavily on the discovery of cathode materials that can reversibly insert Al-containing ions. Here the authors show that phenanthrenequinone-based compounds can take up the cationic aluminium complex, leading to promising aluminium batteries.

    • Dong Jun Kim
    • , Dong-Joo Yoo
    • , Michael T. Otley
    • , Aleksandrs Prokofjevs
    • , Cristian Pezzato
    • , Magdalena Owczarek
    • , Seung Jong Lee
    • , Jang Wook Choi
    •  & J. Fraser Stoddart

News & Comment

  • Editorial |

    Mounting calls for action on low-carbon heating and cooling systems are welcome, but we must move beyond only talking about it.

  • News & Views |

    Perceptions of energy use and potential savings are rife with systematic and problematic errors. Now research shows that these misperceptions are more important predictors than actual savings for consumer acceptance of a demand-side response programme, potentially limiting the effectiveness of such programmes for both utilities and consumers.

    • Shahzeen Z. Attari


Photovoltaic scale-up and deployment

Antal Thoma, CSEM

Photovoltaic scale-up and deployment

This Focus examines some of the challenges in scaling-up photovoltaic technologies from the laboratory to the real world and explores upcoming deployment routes.