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Latest Research

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    Luminescent solar concentrators are promising for semi-transparent, building-integrated photovoltaic systems. Here the authors minimize the absorption losses by relying on fast energy transfer in multiphase perovskite nanoplatelets to achieve optical quantum efficiency of 26% on 100 cm2 devices.

    • Mingyang Wei
    • , F. Pelayo García de Arquer
    • , Grant Walters
    • , Zhenyu Yang
    • , Li Na Quan
    • , Younghoon Kim
    • , Randy Sabatini
    • , Rafael Quintero-Bermudez
    • , Liang Gao
    • , James Z. Fan
    • , Fengjia Fan
    • , Aryeh Gold-Parker
    • , Michael F. Toney
    •  & Edward H. Sargent
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    Compressed-air energy storage could be a useful inter-seasonal storage resource to support highly renewable power systems. This study presents a modelling approach to assess the potential for such storage in porous rocks and, applying it to the UK, finds availability of up to 96 TWh in offshore saline aquifers.

    • Julien Mouli-Castillo
    • , Mark Wilkinson
    • , Dimitri Mignard
    • , Christopher McDermott
    • , R. Stuart Haszeldine
    •  & Zoe K. Shipton
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    Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are increasingly being explored as electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution and reduction reactions, which are important processes in electrolysers and fuel cells. Here, the authors increase the activity of MOFs for these reactions by introducing strain into the lattice using UV light illumination.

    • Weiren Cheng
    • , Xu Zhao
    • , Hui Su
    • , Fumin Tang
    • , Wei Che
    • , Hui Zhang
    •  & Qinghua Liu
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    Despite its importance in lithium batteries, the mechanism of Li dendrite growth is not well understood. Here the authors study three representative solid electrolytes with neutron depth profiling and identify high electronic conductivity as the root cause for the dendrite issue.

    • Fudong Han
    • , Andrew S. Westover
    • , Jie Yue
    • , Xiulin Fan
    • , Fei Wang
    • , Miaofang Chi
    • , Donovan N. Leonard
    • , Nancy J. Dudney
    • , Howard Wang
    •  & Chunsheng Wang
  • Review Article |

    Separators are an essential part of current lithium-ion batteries. Vanessa Wood and co-workers review the properties of separators, discuss their relationship with battery performance and survey the techniques for characterizing separators.

    • Marie Francine Lagadec
    • , Raphael Zahn
    •  & Vanessa Wood
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    Thermomagnetic generators exploit magnetic flux and temperature differences across magnetocaloric materials to generate electricity from waste heat. Waske et al. present a device based on a pretzel-like magnetic-field topology that leads to a higher power output than previous, simpler, topologies.

    • Anja Waske
    • , Daniel Dzekan
    • , Kai Sellschopp
    • , Dietmar Berger
    • , Alexander Stork
    • , Kornelius Nielsch
    •  & Sebastian Fähler

News & Comment

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    Energy poverty in the European Union poses a distinct challenge across member states and requires tailored, targeted action. EU policymakers need to strengthen the response to energy poverty and engender action across member states, moving beyond the focus on vulnerable consumers in energy markets.

    • Audrey Dobbins
    • , Francesco Fuso Nerini
    • , Paul Deane
    •  & Steve Pye
  • Editorial |

    This year marks ten years of organic–inorganic perovskite solar cell research. Now, after achieving remarkable gains in performance, applications are starting to make their way out of research laboratories into the real world.


Photovoltaic scale-up and deployment

Antal Thoma, CSEM

Photovoltaic scale-up and deployment

This Focus examines some of the challenges in scaling-up photovoltaic technologies from the laboratory to the real world and explores upcoming deployment routes.