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Origins and consequences of adult sex ratios

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    The synthesis of explosive materials that are stable, highly dense, and have low sensitivity to external stimuli is a challenge. Here, the authors use a genomic approach to accelerate the discovery of insensitive high explosive molecules with good detonation and low sensitivity properties.

    • Yi Wang
    • , Yuji Liu
    • , Siwei Song
    • , Zhijian Yang
    • , Xiujuan Qi
    • , Kangcai Wang
    • , Yu Liu
    • , Qinghua Zhang
    •  & Yong Tian
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    Water splitting by nanostructured, abundant catalysts provides a renewable means to make carbon neutral fuels, but the ideal material morphology and composition remain uncertain. Here, the authors prepare superaerophobic, multi-metallic sulfide nanotube arrays as bifunctional water splitting catalysts.

    • Haoyi Li
    • , Shuangming Chen
    • , Ying Zhang
    • , Qinghua Zhang
    • , Xiaofan Jia
    • , Qi Zhang
    • , Lin Gu
    • , Xiaoming Sun
    • , Li Song
    •  & Xun Wang
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    The West Antarctic Ice Sheet sits atop an extensional rift system with volcano-like features, yet we do not know if any of these volcanoes are active, because identifying subglacial volcanism remains a challenge. Here, the authors find evidence in helium isotopes that a large volcanic heat source is emanating from beneath the fast-melting Pine Island Ice Glacier.

    • Brice Loose
    • , Alberto C. Naveira Garabato
    • , Peter Schlosser
    • , William J. Jenkins
    • , David Vaughan
    •  & Karen J. Heywood
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    Electrochemical processes induce thermo-mechanical effects that mediate battery performance. Here the authors directly visualize cracking dynamics in a thermally perturbed, delithiated LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 cathode to demonstrate coupling between thermal, mechanical and electrochemical factors.

    • Pengfei Yan
    • , Jianming Zheng
    • , Tianwu Chen
    • , Langli Luo
    • , Yuyuan Jiang
    • , Kuan Wang
    • , Manling Sui
    • , Ji-Guang Zhang
    • , Sulin Zhang
    •  & Chongmin Wang
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    The transcription factor FOXA2 is specifically expressed in uterine glands. Here, using two conditional FOXA2 knockout mouse models, the authors show that glandular epithelia of the endometrium are required for timely embryo implantation and subsequent endometrial decidualization during successful pregnancy establishment.

    • Andrew M. Kelleher
    • , Jessica Milano-Foster
    • , Susanta K. Behura
    •  & Thomas E. Spencer
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    Cancer patients exhibit specific sensitivities toward drug combinations that cannot be easily predicted. Here the authors setup a microfluidic platform that allows testing of multiple drug combinations correctly predicting sensitivity in vivo and they use it on patients biopsies to define effective drugs.

    • Federica Eduati
    • , Ramesh Utharala
    • , Dharanija Madhavan
    • , Ulf Peter Neumann
    • , Thomas Longerich
    • , Thorsten Cramer
    • , Julio Saez-Rodriguez
    •  & Christoph A. Merten

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