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The English patients p443


A required course in communication at the graduate school level may help cure the disorder of poor scientific writing.



Strength in diversity: a cross-disciplinary approach to graduate training in chemical biology pp445 - 448

John Silvius


Chemical biology graduate programs that are jointly organized by chemistry and life science departments can offer a stimulating 'bicultural' training environment for students from diverse backgrounds. However, communication, flexibility and responsiveness are crucial for effectively structuring such programs.


News and Views

Synthetic sugars enhance the functional glycomics toolkit pp449 - 450

Jeremy E Turnbull & Robert J Linhardt


Glycosaminoglycan-protein interactions are an important frontier for discovering new mechanisms of cellular regulation by complex sugars. The integration of the 'chemical glycomics' strategies of synthetic chemistry, arrays and biological assays shows that the precise pattern of sugar sulfation dictates the specificity of a sugar's function.

See also: Letter by Gama et al.

A type III PKS makes the DIFference pp451 - 452

Rajan Sankaranarayanan


Differentiation-inducing factor 1 is a modified polyketide natural product involved in the differentiation of Dictyostelium discoideum cells. A new study shows that a type III polyketide synthase existing in an unusual association with type I fatty acid synthase domains is responsible for biosynthesis of this signaling compound.

See also: Article by Austin et al.

Copper and nitric oxide meet in the plasma pp452 - 453

Tamika K Samuel & Jonathan D Gitlin


Nitrite is an inorganic anion essential in cell signaling and vascular biology. A new study shows that the multicopper oxidase ceruloplasmin is critical for maintaining plasma nitrite, revealing a new link between copper and nitric oxide homeostasis.

See also: Article by Shiva et al.

Charging the batteries to heal wounds through PI3K pp453 - 455

Bart Vanhaesebroeck


Endogenous electric fields in wounds have been documented for centuries, but they have received little attention from the scientific community. A new study shows that manipulation of these electric fields affects wound healing in vivo and identifies the phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling pathway as a key component of cell migration in response to electric cues.

One-way traffic control in replication termination pp455 - 456

Karsten Theis


Tus proteins bound to multiple ter sequences on DNA determine the site of DNA replication termination in Escherichia coli. Biochemical and structural studies reveal how the Tus–ter complex arrests replication forks in a direction-sensitive manner.

Research Highlights p457




Systems biology and combination therapy in the quest for clinical efficacy pp458 - 466

Jonathan B Fitzgerald, Birgit Schoeberl, Ulrik B Nielsen & Peter K Sorger


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Sulfation patterns of glycosaminoglycans encode molecular recognition and activity pp467 - 473

Cristal I Gama, Sarah E Tully, Naoki Sotogaku, Peter M Clark, Manish Rawat, Nagarajan Vaidehi, William A Goddard, III, Akinori Nishi & Linda C Hsieh-Wilson


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See also: News and Views by Turnbull & Linhardt

Small-molecule inhibitor of p53 binding to mitochondria protects mice from gamma radiation pp474 - 479

Evguenia Strom, Swati Sathe, Pavel G Komarov, Olga B Chernova, Ivanda Pavlovska, Inna Shyshynova, Dmitry A Bosykh, Lyudmila G Burdelya, Roger M Macklis, Rami Skaliter, Elena A Komarova & Andrei V Gudkov


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Allosteric inhibition of kinesin-5 modulates its processive directional motility pp480 - 485

Benjamin H Kwok, Lukas C Kapitein, Jeffrey H Kim, Erwin J G Peterman, Christoph F Schmidt & Tarun M Kapoor


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Ceruloplasmin is a NO oxidase and nitrite synthase that determines endocrine NO homeostasis pp486 - 493

Sruti Shiva, Xunde Wang, Lorna A Ringwood, Xueying Xu, Susan Yuditskaya, Vidhya Annavajjhala, Hiroaki Miyajima, Neil Hogg, Zena Leah Harris & Mark T Gladwin


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See also: News and Views by Samuel & Gitlin