About the cover

February 2010 Volume 2 No 2

Naturally occurring molecular machines perform specific biological functions and provide inspiration for chemists trying to make synthetic analogues. Now, David Leigh and co-workers have made a small molecule that 'walks' down a track in a manner similar to motor proteins. The synthetic walker - shown conceptually on the cover with, in the background, kinesin walking along a microtubule - moves progressively with a 'passing-leg' gait by forming dynamic covalent bonds between each of its feet and the footholds of the track. Cover: foreground image from David Leigh and co-workers; background image is a still from Inner Life of the Cell, Harvard University, © 2006 The President and Fellows of Harvard College, created by robert Lue and alain viel, Harvard University, in collaboration with XVIVO, LCC.

Cover design by Alex Wing/Nature Chemistry.

Article p96; News & Views p75