Self organization and morphogenesis in biological systems

The Max Planck Society and Nature Cell Biology are pleased to announce the first Ringberg Colloquium on Self-organization and morphogenesis in biological systems
December 3-6, 2006, Schloss Ringberg, Tegernsee, Germany.

The study of the emergence of forms in biology has suffered from a lack of understanding of how dynamic interactions between agents can lead to the emergence of dynamic patterns. This meeting will focus on self-organization and the emergence of form at multiple levels - molecular, organellar, cellular and multicellular levels - covering issues such as self-assembly, reaction-diffusion properties, collective behavior, robustness and modularity. It will have a non-traditional format and will aim to be a highly interactive, discussion-driven meeting with the ultimate goal of stimulating further development of the field.

Application for the Ringberg 2006 meeting titled "Self-organization and morphogenesis in biological systems" is now closed.

Ringberg, 2006: Self-organization and morphogenesis in biological systems

  • Organizers

    • Kai Simons (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics)
    • Eric Karsenti (EMBL)
    • Daniel St Johnston (Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge)
    • Cornelis Weijer (University of Dundee)
    • Sowmya Swaminathan (Nature Cell Biology)
  • Date

    December 3-6, 2006
    The meeting will begin on the evening of December 3 and will end at noon on December 6.

  • Venue

    Schloss Ringberg, Tegernsee, Germany

  • Image courtesy of Dirk Dormann and Cornelis Weijer, University of Dundee

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