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    Multiple clones of cancer cells co-exist within a tumour, and yet it is not clear when these subclones arise and how they contribute to tumour progression. A multicolour clonal tracing study now shows that benign skin tumours are mostly monoclonal while the more advanced lesions are composed of multiple intermixed subclones.

    • Michalina Janiszewska
    •  & Kornelia Polyak
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    Phase separation can build assemblies and regulate biological function. Two articles link specific forms of protein and RNA degradation to phase separation. The polyubiquitin shuttle factor UBQLN2 localizes to stress granules where it may extract ubiquitinated proteins, and the miRISC complex functions through phase separation.

    • Tanja Mittag
    •  & Nicolas L. Fawzi
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    The establishment of the two distinct lineages that form the branched epithelial ductal tree of the mammary gland is a complex and essential developmental process. Two independent studies now describe the switch from multipotency to unipotency as an embryonic process and outline mechanisms of early lineage restriction.

    • Philip Bland
    •  & Beatrice A. Howard
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    Organoid technologies offer unique insights into the biological processes of the tissues they mimic and are being developed at a rapid pace. Here, we introduce a Collection of content from across the Nature Journals, outlining recent progress and challenges in the organoid field.


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