• First Rounders

    August 2015

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    • In this episode: Stanley Crooke

      • First Rounder: Stanley Crooke

        Stan Crooke is the founder, chairman and CEO of Isis Pharmaceuticals. Nature Biotechnology spoke with Crooke about his troubled youth, the crests and valleys of antisense, and the skills needed to be a good leader.

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    • October 2017: First Rounders

      Stelios Papadopoulos has been a biotech analyst, investment banker, and company founder. He's the current chairman of the board at Biogen. His conversation with Nature Biotechnology touches on his reasons for leaving Greece to come to the United States, how he made his mark in the nascent biotech analyst field, and his participation in late '60s radicalism.


    • August 2017: First Rounders

      Greg Winter is the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and a serial entrepreneur, who co-founded Cambridge Antibody Technology. Much of his career was spent at the Medical Research Council, and his research led to humanized monoclonal antibodies. His conversation with Nature Biotechnology covers growing up in west Africa, how suffering an attack in the street led to a breakthrough in the lab, and the state of UK biotech.


    • June 2017: First Rounders

      Jan Vilcek is the co-founder, CEO and chairman of the Vilcek Foundation, and also a long-time researcher and professor at New York University's School of Medicine. His conversation with Nature Biotechnology covers his harrowing childhood in Czechoslovakia during the rise of Nazi Germany and World War II, his escape from communist Czechoslovakia through defection, and his role in the discovery of the blockbuster drug Remicade.


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