• First Rounders

    October 2013

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      • First Rounder: George Yancopoulos

        George Yancopoulos talks about about the scientific foundation at Regeneron, upholding the family name and giving back through teaching.

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    • January 2019: First Rounders

      Chad Womack is senior director of STEM initiatives at UNCF. The episode covers Womack's path to HIV research at Harvard, his experience founding a biotech just before the Great Recession, and what the election of President Barack Obama meant to African Americans.


    • November 2018: First Rounders

      Christoph Lengauer is a venture partner at Third Rock Ventures, the president of Celsius Therapeutics, and executive vice president at Blueprint Medicines. His conversation with Nature Biotechnology covers growing up in Austria, why he nearly gave up research for a career helping settle refugees, and his role in the Henrietta Lacks story.


    • September 2018: First Rounders

      Feng Zhang runs the Zhang Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He's also a faculty member at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and has co-founded several biotech companies, including Editas Medicine. His conversation with Nature Biotechnology covers immigrating to America as a boy, his moment of discovery with CRISPR, and what massive success before the age of 35 does to a researcher.


    • May 2018: First Rounders

      John Maraganore is CEO of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals. In his talk with Nature Biotechnology he discusses his decade at Biogen, running an RNAi company when skepticism covered the field, and growing up the son of Greek immigrants in Chicago.


    • February 2018: First Rounders

      Jeff Leiden is chairman, president and CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals. His conversation with Nature Biotechnology covers rebuilding Vertex toward cystic fibrosis, competing for talent in the innovation economy and dropping out of high school to enter college early.


    • December 2017: First Rounders

      Susan is president and CEO of Biomedical Growth Strategies and was the founding president and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC). Her conversation with Nature Biotechnology covers her childhood in segregated St. Louis, her work at MLSC helping grow the life sciences sector in Massachusetts through Governor Deval Patrick's $1-billion initiative, and race relations in Boston and the United States.


    • October 2017: First Rounders

      Stelios Papadopoulos has been a biotech analyst, investment banker, and company founder. He's the current chairman of the board at Biogen. His conversation with Nature Biotechnology touches on his reasons for leaving Greece to come to the United States, how he made his mark in the nascent biotech analyst field, and his participation in late '60s radicalism.


    • August 2017: First Rounders

      Greg Winter is the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and a serial entrepreneur, who co-founded Cambridge Antibody Technology. Much of his career was spent at the Medical Research Council, and his research led to humanized monoclonal antibodies. His conversation with Nature Biotechnology covers growing up in west Africa, how suffering an attack in the street led to a breakthrough in the lab, and the state of UK biotech.


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