Box 1. A proof of principle

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Encoding technical information in GM organisms

Sylvestre Marillonnet, Victor Klimyuk & Yuri Gleba

Nature Biotechnology 21, 224 - 226 (2003)



We have engineered a transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plant with a sequence encoded with following line from Virgil's Georgics in Latin: Nec vero terrae ferre omnes omnia possunt (English translation: "Neither can every soil bear every fruit").6 To translate this message from sequence data, only two codons must be changed from the one-letter amino acid code: GCC encodes O (not A) and GCG encodes U (not A). As far as we know, this is the first sentence purposely written that is self-multiplying as a part of normal plant reproduction. SM, VK, & YG

Encoding technical information in GM organisms