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    | Open Access

    The Open Material Transfer Agreement is a material-transfer agreement that enables broader sharing and use of biological materials by biotechnology practitioners working within the practical realities of technology transfer.

    • Linda Kahl
    • , Jennifer Molloy
    • , Nicola Patron
    • , Colette Matthewman
    • , Jim Haseloff
    • , David Grewal
    • , Richard Johnson
    •  & Drew Endy
  • Commentary |

    Greater safeguards are needed to address the personal safety, security and privacy risks arising from increasing adoption of neurotechnology in the consumer realm.

    • Marcello Ienca
    • , Pim Haselager
    •  & Ezekiel J Emanuel
  • Commentary |

    Expert curation at present remains the only reliable solution for interpretation of mutation information in the clinical practice of oncology.

    • Kathryn D Bungartz
    • , Kristen Lalowski
    •  & Sheryl K Elkin
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    Why digitally powered real-world evidence is the fix needed for our broken clinical trials system.

    • Vicki Seyfert-Margolis
  • Commentary |

    Magistral drug preparation offers a model to circumvent many of the technological, regulatory and financial challenges that prevent provision of the right drug at the right time to the right patient.

    • Huub Schellekens
    • , Mohammed Aldosari
    • , Herre Talsma
    •  & Enrico Mastrobattista
  • Commentary |

    To ensure global food security for all, the adoption of crop improvement technologies is no longer just an option—it is an imperative.

    • Richard B Flavell
  • Commentary |

    Changing the academic reward system to improve translational medicine should start by moving away from a myopic focus on publications.

    • Gerard Pasterkamp
    • , Imo Hoefer
    •  & Berent Prakken
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    | Open Access

    To upend current barriers to sharing clinical data and insights, we need a framework that not only accounts for choices made by trial participants but also qualifies researchers wishing to access and analyze the data.

    • John Wilbanks
    •  & Stephen H Friend
  • Commentary |

    Lessons from the US Biodefense program should inform international efforts to build a medical countermeasure enterprise for emerging infectious diseases.

    • Kendall Hoyt
    •  & Richard Hatchett
  • Commentary |

    Digital medicine offers the possibility of continuous monitoring, behavior modification and personalized interventions at low cost, potentially easing the burden of chronic disease in cost-constrained healthcare systems.

    • Joseph C Kvedar
    • , Alexander L Fogel
    • , Eric Elenko
    •  & Daphne Zohar
  • Commentary |

    The markets may be softening on biotech, but overall the sector remains in an incredibly strong environment.

    • Bruce L Booth
  • Commentary |

    Digital medicine companies can incorporate and build on existing business models in tech and biomedicine to bring transformational new products to market and eventually reshape medicine.

    • David Steinberg
    • , Geoffrey Horwitz
    •  & Daphne Zohar
  • Commentary |

    For the benefits of digital medicine to be fully realized, we need not only to find a shared home for personal health data but also to give individuals the right to own them.

    • Leonard J Kish
    •  & Eric J Topol
  • Commentary |

    New instruments are needed to realize the potential of quantitative and systematic imaging of living samples. But what would such a microscope look like?

    • Nico Scherf
    •  & Jan Huisken
  • Commentary |

    Clear and logical regulatory guidelines on the process and requirements for approval of health apps and wearable sensors will be essential for the digital medicine sector to unleash its full potential.

    • Eric Elenko
    • , Austin Speier
    •  & Daphne Zohar
  • Commentary |

    One of molecular biology's intellectual leaders, Alex Rich made fundamental discoveries concerning nucleic acids and ribosomes, which served not only as a foundation for modern biology but also spurred the field of biotechnology.

    • Shuguang Zhang
    •  & Burghardt Wittig
  • Commentary |

    Healthcare priorities all too often ignore the importance of diagnostics for disease control and case management. The Ebola epidemic illustrates the folly of this attitude when few therapeutic or prophylactic interventions are available.

    • Mark D Perkins
    •  & Mark Kessel
  • Commentary |

    In the coming years, patient phenotypes captured to enhance health and wellness will extend to human interactions with digital technology.

    • Sachin H Jain
    • , Brian W Powers
    • , Jared B Hawkins
    •  & John S Brownstein
  • Commentary |

    Digital medicine is poised to transform biomedical research, clinical practice and the commercial sector. Here we introduce a monthly column from R&D/venture creation firm PureTech tracking digital medicine's emergence.

    • Eric Elenko
    • , Lindsay Underwood
    •  & Daphne Zohar
  • Commentary |

    Analyzing structural similarities between compounds derived from traditional oriental medicine and human metabolites is a systems-based approach that can help identify mechanisms of action and suggest approaches to reduce toxicity.

    • Hyun Uk Kim
    • , Jae Yong Ryu
    • , Jong Ok Lee
    •  & Sang Yup Lee
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    Big pharma's storehouse of trouble has fostered consumer mistrust and a negative view of the industry. How does the industry go about restoring its flagging reputation?

    • Mark Kessel
  • Commentary |

    Gene therapy companies that pursue high, one-time payments for their products risk a backlash from payors. A better solution may lie in a pay-for-performance model.

    • Troyen A Brennan
    •  & James M Wilson
  • Commentary |

    The reliability of scientific research is under scrutiny. A recently convened working group proposes cultural adjustments to incentivize better research practices.

    • Marcus Munafò
    • , Simon Noble
    • , William J Browne
    • , Dani Brunner
    • , Katherine Button
    • , Joaquim Ferreira
    • , Peter Holmans
    • , Douglas Langbehn
    • , Glyn Lewis
    • , Martin Lindquist
    • , Kate Tilling
    • , Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
    •  & Robi Blumenstein
  • Commentary |

    Immunology is on the cusp of a 'big data'–driven breakthrough, but strategies for standardizing and sharing high-dimensional data from independent laboratories are needed to ensure that data support the formation of new and robust hypotheses.

    • Berend Snijder
    • , Richard Kumaran Kandasamy
    •  & Giulio Superti-Furga
  • Commentary |

    Myriad took no prisoners on its way to the top of the molecular diagnostics field. That strategy is unlikely to endure.

    • Jacob S Sherkow
    •  & Christopher Scott
  • Commentary |

    Metabolic reconstructions remain limited in their scope and content, and improvements in biochemical knowledge and collaborative research are required.

    • Jonathan Monk
    • , Juan Nogales
    •  & Bernhard O Palsson
  • Commentary |

    Regulatory fallout from a scandal surrounding the fabrication of data used to support a molecular test in a Duke University cancer trial is exacting an unjustifiable toll not only on health economics but also on patient lives.

    • Razelle Kurzrock
    • , Hagop Kantarjian
    •  & David J Stewart
  • Commentary |

    Too few precompetitive consortia are being formed to mitigate lost opportunities and deliver on other potential mutual gains for public and private stakeholders in drug development.

    • Barbara Mittleman
    • , Garry Neil
    •  & Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld
  • Commentary |

    Open collaboration on biomedical discoveries requires a fundamental shift in the traditional roles and rewards for both investigators and participants in research.

    • Stephen H Friend
    •  & Thea C Norman
  • Commentary |

    With the first marketing authorization application for a biosimilar monoclonal antibody now under consideration at the European Medicines Agency, what are the critical issues for regulators?

    • Christian K Schneider
    • , Camille Vleminckx
    • , Iordanis Gravanis
    • , Falk Ehmann
    • , Jean-Hugues Trouvin
    • , Martina Weise
    •  & Steffen Thirstrup
  • Commentary |

    For authorized biosimilars to achieve full acceptance in the marketplace, it is crucial that they are considered to be therapeutically equivalent and interchangeable with the brand reference product.

    • Hans C Ebbers
    • , Stacy A Crow
    • , Arnold G Vulto
    •  & Huub Schellekens
  • Commentary |

    The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) has developed innovative, collaborative business models to reshape the R&D enterprise with the single-minded focus of accelerating the development of new treatments for patients to extend their lives and lead to a cure.

    • Kathy Giusti
  • Commentary |

    Algorithms that compute directly on compressed genomic data allow analyses to keep pace with data generation.

    • Po-Ru Loh
    • , Michael Baym
    •  & Bonnie Berger
  • Commentary |

    Affymetrix was an early mover in the DNA microarray space that came to dominate the market, overcoming criticism from its users and a slew of cutthroat competitors. How did it do it?

    • Victor Bethencourt
    •  & Christopher Scott
  • Commentary |

    Collaborative competitions in which communities of researchers compete to solve challenges may facilitate more rigorous scrutiny of scientific results.

    • Pablo Meyer
    • , Leonidas G Alexopoulos
    • , Thomas Bonk
    • , Andrea Califano
    • , Carolyn R Cho
    • , Alberto de la Fuente
    • , David de Graaf
    • , Alexander J Hartemink
    • , Julia Hoeng
    • , Nikolai V Ivanov
    • , Heinz Koeppl
    • , Rune Linding
    • , Daniel Marbach
    • , Raquel Norel
    • , Manuel C Peitsch
    • , J Jeremy Rice
    • , Ajay Royyuru
    • , Frank Schacherer
    • , Joerg Sprengel
    • , Katrin Stolle
    • , Dennis Vitkup
    •  & Gustavo Stolovitzky