Medical Research Council

We deliver benefits across the whole spectrum of society, from our primary aim of improving human health to creating a skilled workforce, growing innovative businesses and generating inward investment for the UK. We are a publicly-funded organisation supporting research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences; in universities and hospitals, in our own units and institutes in the UK.

Our scientists tackle difficult, long-term research problems and have made countless discoveries that have had tangible benefits, from the sequencing of DNA to the development of humanised monoclonal antibodies that are now used to treat a range of chronic diseases. Founded in 1913, we have won 23 Nobel Prizes for our work.

We work from Cambridge, London, Harwell; we are also involved with many collaborations with other Institutes, organisations and Universities across the world.

We have a leading national role in training future research leaders across a range of biomedical, clinical and health disciplines. In addition to postdoctoral positions on our research grants to universities and research staff in MRC units and institutes, we support around 1,900 PhD students and 200 postdoctoral fellows at any one time in universities, units and centres.

You, too, can play a part in MRC’s national and global impact. There are many opportunities for your skills and ambition. Alongside the researchers, our operational services and support staff are vital in keeping our scientific activities running smoothly. Working for us means you will have excellent benefits and a unique, stimulating working environment.

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