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Nature welcomes submissions online for Articles, Letters and Brief Communications. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your submission proceeds smoothly.

You may wish to print out these instructions before proceeding.

Please do not proceed to the online submission system until your manuscript and figures are ready to submit according to the requirements below.


  • Please do not send files by email.
  • If you submit a manuscript online, please do not also make a postal contribution.
  • To use our online submission system, you will need either Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 4.7. Please also ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies, as the system requires them for proper operation.
  • Online submissions require the full names and email addresses of all the authors.
  • Please include electronic versions, ideally as PDFs, of all relevant papers by any of the authors submitted or in press elsewhere (included papers submitted elsewhere while the Nature contribution is under consideration); failure to do so may lead to rejection.
  • When entering contact and manuscript information (see below, Submitting your files), please make sure that everything is input correctly. Errors in contact information, in particular in your email address or in manuscript titles, create severe problems in the handling of your submission.
  • Online submissions are accepted only for Articles (including, but only by request, Review and Progress Articles), Letters and Brief Communications. Do not use this system for other sections of Nature; see instead our Guide to Authors.

Format of manuscript

  • Before sending your manuscript to Nature, please ensure that it meets the requirements stipulated in the Guide to Authors.
  • Acceptable formats for the manuscript are MS Word (preferred), PostScript (PS, EPS or PRN), PDF, WordPerfect, Rich Text Format (RTF) and plain text (TXT). If using MS Word, please format your manuscript with the Nature MS Word template. If using PDF or PostScript, please see our formatting guidelines.
  • The filename, including the extension, MUST NOT EXCEED 31 CHARACTERS, or your file will fail to transmit.
  • All figure legends and tables should be included in the manuscript.

Format of figures

Production-quality figures are not required at this stage. Follow these guidelines carefully to produce versions suitable for editorial assessment and peer review.

  • Acceptable formats for figures are JPEG (RGB), GIF, PostScript (PS, EPS or PRN), PDF, TIFF and PowerPoint only.
  • Figures should be prepared at the size you would expect them to appear in Nature. (A single column is 86mm wide, double column is 172mm wide).
  • We prefer figures to be 150 dpi (dots per inch). However, the general guide is that you should be happy with what you see on your printer and/or monitor and adjust the resolution accordingly. Most referees will print your figures on common laser or inkjet printers, using ordinary copy paper, and may view them on a monitor set to 256 colours. If you are using high-specification hardware please take this into account.
  • Colour, when used as an identifying tool, should be distinct.
  • Please name your figure files according to the convention 'figure1.jpg', '' etc, and label the figures themselves with the name of the corresponding author and the figure number (jones_fig1, etc).

Submitting your files

Once you have logged in to the online submission system, you will be asked to fill in your details on the submission form and submit all files relating to your manuscript.

When you have submitted all your files, these will be converted into PDF format and you will be asked to approve the file conversion. Please note that the submission process is not complete and Nature editors will not receive your files until you have approved the file conversion.

When checking the converted files, you should reassure yourself that the conversion is of sufficient quality for editors and reviewers to reach an informed judgement. Please pay particular attention to any special characters or equations to ensure that these have converted properly.

Once you have approved the file conversion, your manuscript will be submitted to Nature's editors and you will receive an email acknowledgement.

At any time afterwards you can use the online submission system to check the status of your manuscript.

Click here to access Nature's online submission system.

If you experience any problems using the system, please email


For information on the security of the online submissions system, please click here.

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