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1. Editorial contacts

This section provides the addresses of Nature's editorial offices; names of editorial staff; and contact details for advice, reprints, permissions, press office (for journalists, authors and authors' institutions) and other information.

2. Getting published in Nature

Please read this section before submitting anything to Nature. This section explains Nature's editorial criteria, and how manuscripts are handled by the editors between submission and acceptance for publication.

3. Guide to authors

Please read this before submitting anything to Nature. This section provides instructions for preparing, formatting and writing all types of manuscripts published by Nature. Also available in Japanese.

4. Publication policies

This section describes Nature's policies on competing financial interests, availability of materials, corrections, retractions, complaints, publicity, duplicate publication, embargoes, payments, copyright and other publication policies. All contributions, for whatever section of the journal, are considered for publication and published on the understanding that authors agree to these terms and conditions.

5. Presubmission enquiries

This section contains our online service for presubmission enquiries. Presubmission enquiries may be made before a manuscript is complete, or before it is in Nature style to determine whether it is likely to be of interest to the journal. Presubmission enquiries are not compulsory.

6. Submissions

This section contains our online service for submission and tracking of Articles, Letters and Brief Communications. You must read the Guide to Authors before using this service, and when possible prepare your manuscript using our customised Nature Word template. If you submit online, which is advised, please do not also send a hard copy by post. Hard copy is required only at final submission, after acceptance for publication and at the explicit request of the editor handling the submission.

7. Revised manuscripts

This section applies only if you have been asked to submit a revised version of your manuscript by a Nature editor.

8. Final submissions

This section applies only if your Article or Letter has been accepted in principle for publication and you have been asked by the editor for the final version. You will need to post (by mail to London or Washington DC, not e-mail or online) a disk of text, high-resolution production-quality figures, and Supplementary Information (if any). See here for mailing addresses. You will need to include in the package a hard copy of the text, figures and relevant signed declarations, all labelled with formats and manuscript reference number, as requested by the editor. This section also contains downloadable forms for ordering reprints, author licence, colour figures and competing interest declarations.

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