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Nature 485, 279 - 280 (7398)
Published online: 2012-05-17; | doi:10.1038/485279b

Article: Needless conflict

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    2012-05-16 05:31:00 PM
    Terry S. Singeltary Sr. said:

    I kindly wish to submit the following please ;

    ONE need not look any further than the USDA et al, when it comes to ?undue influence?. I have followed the mad cow USDA debacle ever since the first mad cow was covered up in Texas, let alone the second one that finally took and act of congress and the Honorable Phyllis Fong of the OIG. if not for that, that second mad cow in Texas would have never been confirmed either. then you can move on to the Alabama, and Washington mad cow, and not much has changed since. Still the same old USDA et al. just look at the atypical L-type BASE BSE case in California recently, and the false and misleading statements there from by the USDA et al. NOTHING has changed, except their stories, time and time again. They claim of all those firewalls in place, BSE surviellance, BSE testing, BSE feed ban, all three of those firewalls have failed terribly in the USA, but yet to hear the USDA et al tell it, everything is O.K., no problem, feed ban in place since August 4, 1997, BUT YET, the USDA et al fail to tell you, this mad cow firewall was nothing than ink on paper, it was a PARTIAL AND VOLUNTARY feed ban to begin with, that up until 2006, the amounts of banned suspect mad cow protein that was going into commerce, was measured in TONNAGE, 2007, the measurements were measured in POUNDS, where in 2007, 10 years, one decade, post partial, and voluntary BSE feed ban, there were 10,000,000 MILLION POUNDS, of banned, suspect mad cow protein, mixed with blood, that went out into commerce. AFTER that mad cow warning letter, the warning letters ceased to exist. they never published anymore that I could find. They claim the BSE testing was doing it?s job, until they found out that not only their testing techniques were wrong, but they were TESTING HEALTHY CATTLE, THEY NEW DID NOT HAVE BSE. all this again proven by the OIE and the GAO. They claim the BSE surveillance program worked, again, a lie. Just look at the GAO and OIE reports about that ENHANCED BSE SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM to test only healthy cows, OR, the OBEX ONLY DIAGNOSTIC criteria that was used. They claim NO link to sporadic CJD, and this is false as well. IN my opinion, until we get corporate industry out of policy decision making for the USDA, APHIS, FSIS, FDA et al, until that is changed, you will never have any sound science policy making for consumer safety. they call it GREED $$$ SOURCE REFERENCES MAD COW USDA ATYPICAL L-TYPE BASE BSE, the rest of the story...

    ***Oral Transmission of L-type Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in Primate Model

    ***Infectivity in skeletal muscle of BASE-infected cattle

    ***feedstuffs- It also suggests a similar cause or source for atypical BSE in these countries.

    ***Also, a link is suspected between atypical BSE and some apparently sporadic cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans.

    Friday, May 11, 2012

    Experimental H-type bovine spongiform encephalopathy characterized by plaques and glial- and stellate-type prion protein deposits

    ***In addition, the present data will support risk assessments in some peripheral tissues derived from cattle affected with H-type BSE.

    please see my full full source reference list here ;

    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    Independent experts should be kept from undue suspicion as well as undue influence


    kind regards,


    Senior Layperson

    i lost my mom to hvCJD 12/14/97 'confirmed', have been seeking the truth ever since. ...

    Terry S. Singeltary Sr.
    P.O. Box 42
    Bacliff, Texas USA 77518

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