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Nature 483, 531 - 533 (7391)
Published online: 2012-03-29; | doi:10.1038/483531a

Article: Drug development: Raise standards for preclinical cancer research

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    2012-04-13 05:40:29 PM
    Uli Jung said:

    While I applaud every kind of whistle blowing that helps improve transparency and decrease fraud and such in science – this comment is rather ridiculous. Half-way whistle blowing does not work, sorry. Who finds fraud, write about it in a reputable magazine but does not make sure the people committing it are actually exposed ... What is that, a self-serving publicity boost while supporting the network of the fraudulent actions through silence?
    Usually there is that "conflict of interest" declaration in publications. A comment where someone labelled as "consultant" acts as the "good guy" who gets "halfway" exposes fraud but diligently avoids supporting the credibility (and maybe avoid personal attacks?) by not exposing the data of the claim ... is not needing a conflict of interest declaration?

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