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Subscribing to the Nature Podcast

Our free subscription means that you'll never have to visit this page again and you won't even have to give us your email address. Instead the Nature Podcast can be delivered straight to your desktop and you'll never miss a show.

To subscribe you will need some software that supports podcasts such as iTunes or an RSS feed reader.

To subscribe using iTunes, click on the 'Advanced' tag at top-left, and then click 'Subscribe to Podcast'. A box will appear and you should copy and paste this URL into it:

Click 'OK' to complete the subscription process. Each show will be automatically downloaded into iTunes when it is released and can be accessed by clicking 'podcasts' in the left hand navigation bar.

You can access previous shows by clicking the small arrow next to 'The Nature Podcast' and then clicking on the 'Get' symbol adjacent to previous shows.

To subscribe using an RSS feed reader, first download one from the web. A useful list of them can be found here. If you are unfamiliar with the term 'RSS' or feeds try NPG's 'What is a webfeed?' page or Wikipedia's RSS page.

Most RSS feedreaders are easy to use. There is usually a button or tag in the top left of the screen that says 'Add feed'. When you click on this a box will often appear. Just copy and paste this URL into it and click 'OK':

You will now be subscribed to the Nature Podcast and each show will be automatically downloaded to your RRS reader when it is released. To access the show, just click on the link for each show.

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