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Vol. 507 No. 7490_supp ppS1-S48
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  • Vaccination is a triumph of preventative healthcare. But the project to erect immunological shields against deadly pathogens is far from complete — some of the most lethal diseases still lack effective vaccines. Moreover, major inequities exist in the global distribution of vaccines. Despite substantial advances in vaccine production and development, global efforts to eradicate disease through inoculation still face scientific, technological and economic hurdles.

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  • Vaccine delivery: The last mile

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    You've walked for several hours to get your baby vaccinated. But the clinic has run out of vaccines - or the healthworker hasn't turned up because his motorcycle broke. These problems are typical along the last mile or so of a vaccine's journey from factory to child in Africa. In this film we hear how Riders for Health are tackling the transport problem. They hope to reach every child, wherever they live and however difficult the journey might be.



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