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Agriculture and Drought

Vol. 501 No. 7468_supp ppS1-S44
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  • Climate change means the coming decades are likely to bring more frequent episodes of severe drought, with potentially devastating impact on the world's ability to feed a growing population. We therefore need a sustainable agricultural system that makes the most efficient use of water and reduces expensive and environmentally challenging inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides.

    Cover Art: Gavin Potenza



Interactive graphic

  • Thirty-five years of dry spells

    This map shows the percentage deviation from average annual rainfall, and highlights major droughts and their agricultural impact.


  • Solutions for a cultivated planet

    • Jonathan A. Foley
    • Navin Ramankutty
    • Kate A. Brauman
    • Emily S. Cassidy
    • James S. Gerber
    • Matt Johnston
    • Nathaniel D. Mueller
    • Christine O’Connell
    • Deepak K. Ray
    • Paul C. West
    • Christian Balzer
    • Elena M. Bennett
    • Stephen R. Carpenter
    • Jason Hill
    • Chad Monfreda
    • Stephen Polasky
    • Johan Rockströ
    • John Sheehan
    • Stefan Siebert
    • David Tilman
    • David P. M. Zaks

    Nature478, 337–342 ()

  • Defining the core Arabidopsis thaliana root microbiome

    • Derek S. Lundberg
    • Sarah L. Lebeis
    • Sur Herrera Paredes
    • Scott Yourstone
    • Jase Gehring
    • Stephanie Malfatti
    • Julien Tremblay
    • Anna Engelbrektson
    • Victor Kunin
    • Tijana Glavina del Rio
    • Robert C. Edgar
    • Thilo Eickhorst
    • Ruth E. Ley
    • Philip Hugenholtz
    • Susannah Green Tringe
    • Jeffery L. Dangl

    Nature488, 86–90 ()


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