Nature Awards for Mentoring in Science – Italy (2013)

For its annual awards for science mentorship in 2013, Nature invited nominations of outstanding scientific mentors in Italy. The winners were announced on 25 November 2013. The Editor-in-Chief of Nature, Dr Philip Campbell, presented the awards, each worth €10,000 (lifetime award shared between joint winners), at a special event in Rome at the Quirinal Palace.

Award Winners

Lifetime achievement award:

Giorgio Parisi (University of Rome I, La Sapienza) & Vincenzo Balzani (University of Bologna).

italy mentors parisi balzani

Mid-career achievement award:

Michela Matteoli (University of Milan).

italy mentors matteoli

Press releases

25 November 2013

Distinguished Italian scientists recognised at palace for lifetime inspiring students


Chair judge, Luciano Maiani

I want to express to the President of the Republic, Honorable Giorgio Napolitano, the gratitude of the Selection Committee and my staff for choosing to be present at this ceremony. It is important recognition for research that comforts us and gives us hope for the future of science in Italy. Read on

Giorgio Parisi

I would also like to thank the journal Nature for having established this award, which has the great merit of drawing attention to a fundamental task of scientists, passing the research torch to the next generation, so that by standing on our weak shoulders, they might see farther than we did. Read on

Vicenzo Balzani

First of all, I would like to thank the President of the Republic, who honours us with his presence, for his continued commitment to science and culture in general. I would also like to thank the leaders of the journal Nature for wanting to present their prestigious award here, in the place that best represents Italy. Read on

Michela Matteoli

In 1992 after a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University, I opened my own laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology at the CNR Center of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, in Milan. My group’s research has always been focused on studying synapses, the fundamental brain structures that mediate the transfer of information between nerve cells, controlling all body functions and all aspects of cognition, including attention, perception, and learning. Read on


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