25 Years of Embryonic Stem Cells

25 Years of Embryonic Stem Cells 18-19 December 2006
Babbage Lecture Theater, Cambridge, UK

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In 1981 two papers appeared that reported the derivation of pluripotent stem cell lines from cultured mouse embryos. Now called embryonic stem (ES) cells, they have since transformed research in mammalian development, genetics, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this landmark discovery, the University of Cambridge in partnership with NATURE is holding a special symposium. The opening afternoon of the meeting reviews the history of ES cells and other pioneering contributions on mouse and human embryology in Cambridge, with presentations from the key researchers. The evening features a Poster session and mixer for participants. The second day focuses on current research and future prospects for both embryonic and tissue stem cells. Twelve leaders in the field from North America, Japan and Europe, will present and discuss their latest findings. The meeting includes the official opening of the University of Cambridge Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research.

25 Years of Embryonic Stem Cells

  • Organizers

    • Azim Surani, University of Cambridge, UK
    • Natalie DeWitt, Nature San Francisco
    • Austin Smith, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Date

    18-19 December 2006

  • Venue

    Babbage Lecture Theater, Cambridge, UK

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