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Nature30 January 2003

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Superconductivity: Superconducting magnets

There have been various efforts to use the high-temperature superconductor 'YBCO' in bulk quantities as a magnetic trap. It can confine high magnetic fields at low temperatures, and is finding applications as a potent permanent magnet. But the range of applications is limited by the poor mechanical stability and low thermal conductivity of bulk superconductors. Some of these limitations have been overcome by combining resin impregnation with the introduction of alloy and aluminium supports into Y-Ba-Cu-O bulk superconductor. The resulting material traps a 'world record' 17.24 tesla field in a 2.65 cm diameter sample at a relatively high temperature of 29 K.

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High-temperature superconductor bulk magnets that can trap magnetic fields of over 17 tesla at 29 K
Nature 421, 517–520 (2003); doi:10.1038/nature01350
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