Nature 89, 215-215 (02 May 1912) | doi:10.1038/089215b0

Boiler Draught


IN this little book the author has endeavoured to assist those to whom the efficient working ot steam plant is of importance by explanations of methods of determining whether existing arrangements are satisfactory. The book opens with a number of elementary calculations regarding the pressure, volume, weight, and temperature of air, and the resistance to flow. Calculations in relation to chimney, forced, and induced draught follow. There are also sections dealing with the construction of chimneys, the applications of mechanical draught for land and marine purposes, and the chemistry of combustion. The treatment of the subject is designed to suit those practical men whose knowledge of mathematics and science may be scanty. Indeed, the author states in his preface that while mathematical investigation is well appreciated, the results are likely to be greatly misleading if relied on too completely to the exclusion of practical experience. “It is for this reason that men of high scientific attainments are sometimes at fault when they have to tackle a problem in practical work.”