Nature 86, 79-79 (16 March 1911) | doi:10.1038/086079b0

The Centenary of Bunsen's Birth



ON March 31 it will be one hundred years since Robert William Bunsen was born, and it has been felt that that occasion should not be allowed to pass without his pupils and admirers in this country giving expression to their veneration of the memory of one of the greatest chemists of our times. A committee has been formed to make the necessary arrangements, and it was intended to celebrate the centenary by a dinner. Unfortunately, the two most distinguished pupils of Bunsen, Sir Henry Roscoe and Sir Edward Thorpe, are at present prevented by indisposition from attending such a celebration. In these circumstances the committee has decided not to proceed with the arrangements for a dinner; but, feeling that the occasion should not be allowed to pass unnoticed, they have resolved to send a signed address to the Heidelberg University from old Heidelberg students in this country, and to place a wreath on the Bunsen monument. May we request those old Heidelberg students who wish to participate in this movement to send their signatures to Prof. H. B. Dixon, of the Manchester University, the chairman of the committee, or to either of the undersigned honorary secretaries?