Nature 70, 366-366 (18 August 1904) | doi:10.1038/070366c0

The Celtic Pony



AT a sale of Icelandic and Welsh ponies held at Gateshead on July 14, I observed a small black Welsh stallion which had the essential characteristics of the Celtic pony (Equus caballus celticus) lately described by Prof. Ewart. There was no trace of a callosity on either hind leg, and the tail had a very well marked caudal fringe or tail-lock, while in most other respects this pony conformed to the Celtic type. I believe that this is the first instance on record of a Welsh pony resembling the Celtic variety in all the main points. The other Welsh ponies at the sale, so far as I noticed, possessed hock callosities, but the majority of these resembled the Celtic pony in having a more or less distinct caudal fringe.