Nature 66, 658-661 (30 October 1902) | doi:10.1038/066658a0



THE Huxley Memorial Tablet, represented in the accompanying illustration was unveiled at the Ealing Public Library on Thursday last by the Mayor of Eating Alderman H. C. Green. The inscription upon the tablet is, “The Right Honourable Thomas Henry Huxley. Born at Ealing, 4th May, 1825. Died at Eastbourne, 29th June, 1895. Try to learn something about everything, and everything about something.” The whole memorial was designed by Mr. Frank Bowcher, with the assistance of Prof. G. B. Howes, F.R.S. The background of the tablet is “Dovemarble; the frame, top row of lettering, wreaths and medallion are bronze; the rest of the inscription is in incised gilt letters. The movement to establish this memorial originated with Mr. B. B. Woodward, who brought it before the Ealing Natural Science Society, and a committee was formed with him as hon. secretary. Altogether about eighty subscriptions were received, mainly from Ealing residents, hence the tablet shows that the memory of Huxley is cherished at his birthplace. Among those present at Thursday’s ceremony, in addition to the Mayor, were Prof. G. Henslow, Mrs. T. H. Huxley, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Huxley, Mr. L. Fletcher, F.R.S., Mr. B. B. Woodward, and Mr. F. E. Beddard, F.R.S. (representing the Zoological Society of London). Letters regretting inability to attend were read from Prof. Howes and Lord George Hamilton. Prof. Henslow gave a short address, in the course of which he related some personal reminiscences of Huxley; and the Mayor of Ealing afterwards unveiled the tablet. The accompanying photograph having been taken before the tablet was erected, an error of the mason’s, undetected at the time, but since corrected, gives the date of Huxley’s death as the 25th instead of the 29th of June, 1895.