Nature 58, 493-494 (22 September 1898) | doi:10.1038/058493a0

THE Fauna and Flora of the Pamir.

W. T. B.


FOR this useful addition to our knowledge of the Pamir plateau we are indebted to the enlightened policy of the Government of India, who, in attaching Mr. Alcock as naturalist to the Commission despatched in 1895 to demarcate the boundary between Afghan and Russian territory, followed the course adopted on several previous occasions, as when the late Dr. Stoliczka was sent as naturalist with the Yarkand mission in 1873–74, and when Dr. J. Anderson was added to the two expeditions to Yunnan in 1868 and 1875. The Indian Government have added to the value of the observations made by publishing the results, which comprise a few general remarks on the fauna, flora and geology, and a descriptive list of the specimens obtained.