Volume 547 Number 7662 pp137-252

13 July 2017


The cover image shows a paired helical filament of tau protein, which is the major component of tangles in Alzheimer’s disease. Tau filaments make up the protein inclusions seen inside nerve cells in the brains of people with many neurodegenerative conditions, including Alzheimer’s. In this issue, Sjors Scheres, Michel Goedert and their colleagues reveal the first high-resolution structures of the two forms of tau filaments in Alzheimer’s disease. The filaments were isolated from the brain of an individual with Alzheimer’s and imaged using cryo-electron microscopy. In both forms, the individual tau proteins form C shapes (white and blue), which stack together to form filaments. The high-resolution structures of these filaments may help the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutic compounds. Cover image: Thomas G. Martin

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World View

  • Kill the myth of the miracle machine

    Unchallenged assumptions about how science works threaten its support and decrease its ability to contribute to society, says Daniel Sarewitz.

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News in Focus


  • How poverty affects the brain

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    An unprecedented study in Bangladesh could reveal how malnutrition, poor sanitation and other challenges make their mark on child development.

    • Carina Storrs


  • Stop Alzheimer’s before it starts

    The hunt for treatments to halt Alzheimer’s disease has been frustrating; it is time to trial preventive drugs, urge Eric McDade and Randall J. Bateman.

Books and Arts

  • Information technology: A digital genius at play

    Vint Cerf savours a life of Claude Shannon, information-theory pioneer and wildly inventive tinkerer.

    • Review of A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age
      Jimmy Soni & Rob Goodman
  • History: Science lessons from the Gulag

    Asif Siddiqi examines a biography of a Soviet meteorologist who taught his daughter from prison.

    • Review of Stalin's Meteorologist: One Man's Untold Story of Love, Life and Death
      Olivier Rolin(Transl. Ros Schwartz)
  • Books in brief

    Barbara Kiser reviews five of the week's best science picks.






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  • Legs-11

    Meet the home help.

    • Hugh Cartwright


Brief Communications Arising

  • Conflicting evidence for ferroelectricity

    • Gabriele D但vino
    • Manuel Souto
    • Matteo Masino
    • Jonas K. H. Fischer
    • Imma Ratera
    • Xavier Fontrodona
    • Gianluca Giovannetti
    • Matthieu J. Verstraete
    • Anna Painelli
    • Peter Lunkenheimer
    • Jaume Veciana
    • Alberto Girlando
  • Tayi et al. reply

    • Alok S. Tayi
    • Alexander K. Shveyd
    • Andrew C.-H. Sue
    • Jodi M. Szarko
    • Brian S. Rolczynski
    • Dennis Cao
    • T. Jackson Kennedy
    • Amy A. Sarjeant
    • Charlotte L. Stern
    • Walter F. Paxton
    • Wei Wu
    • Sanjeev K. Dey
    • Albert C. Fahrenbach
    • Jeffrey R. Guest
    • Hooman Mohseni
    • Lin X. Chen
    • Kang L. Wang
    • J. Fraser Stoddart
    • Samuel I. Stupp
  • Overestimate of committed warming

    • Gavin A. Schmidt
    • Jeff Severinghaus
    • Ayako Abe-Ouchi
    • Richard B. Alley
    • Wallace Broecker
    • Ed Brook
    • David Etheridge
    • Kenji Kawamura
    • Ralph F. Keeling
    • Margaret Leinen
    • Kate Marvel
    • Thomas F. Stocker


  • 遺伝学 : 単一バリアントレベルでの炎症性腸疾患関連座位の精細マッピング

    • Hailiang Huang
    • Ming Fang
    • Luke Jostins
    • Maナ。a Umiト?viト?Mirkov
    • Gabrielle Boucher
    • Carl A. Anderson
    • Vibeke Andersen
    • Isabelle Cleynen
    • Adrian Cortes
    • Franテァois Crins
    • Mauro D窶僊mato
    • Valテゥrie Deffontaine
    • Julia Dmitrieva
    • Elisa Docampo
    • Mahmoud Elansary
    • Kyle Kai-How Farh
    • Andre Franke
    • Ann-Stephan Gori
    • Philippe Goyette
    • Jonas Halfvarson
    • Talin Haritunians
    • Jo Knight
    • Ian C. Lawrance
    • Charlie W. Lees
    • Edouard Louis
    • Rob Mariman
    • Theo Meuwissen
    • Myriam Mni
    • Yukihide Momozawa
    • Miles Parkes
    • Sarah L. Spain
    • Emilie Thテゥテ「tre
    • Gosia Trynka
    • Jack Satsangi
    • Suzanne van Sommeren
    • Severine Vermeire
    • Ramnik J. Xavier
    • International Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium
    • Rinse K. Weersma
    • Richard H. Duerr
    • Christopher G. Mathew
    • John D. Rioux
    • Dermot P. B. McGovern
    • Judy H. Cho
    • Michel Georges
    • Mark J. Daly
    • Jeffrey C. Barrett

    Results of fine-mapping 94 inflammatory bowel disease loci using high-density genotyping in 67,852 individuals and several new fine-mapping methods.

  • 細胞生物学 : 細胞外マトリックスタンパク質アグリンはマウスで心臓再生を促進する

    • Elad Bassat
    • Yara Eid Mutlak
    • Alex Genzelinakh
    • Ilya Y. Shadrin
    • Kfir Baruch Umansky
    • Oren Yifa
    • David Kain
    • Dana Rajchman
    • John Leach
    • Daria Riabov Bassat
    • Yael Udi
    • Rachel Sarig
    • Irit Sagi
    • James F. Martin
    • Nenad Bursac
    • Shenhav Cohen
    • Eldad Tzahor

    The extracellular matrix protein agrin promotes cardiac regeneration in adult mice after myocardial infarction; it modulates cardiac differentiation and proliferation by interacting with the dystrophin窶堵lycoprotein complex, Yap and ERK-mediated signalling.