Video 4: Live cell imaging of chromosome segregations in human intestinal stem cell organoids

FromSequential cancer mutations in cultured human intestinal stem cells

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Representative live cell imaging experiments of wild-type (1), APCKO (2), APCKO/P53KO (3), KRASG12D/APCKO/P53KO (4) and KRASG12D/APCKO/P53KO/SMAD4KO (5) organoids and P53KO in the second human intestinal organoid line (6). Organoids were subjected to confocal imaging for 16 – 20 hours. Shown are representative parts of this time window and organoids presented are depicted as green-lined dots in quantification plot Figure 4a. Upper right quadrant shows H2B-mNeon fluorescence after maximum-projection of 3D z-stacks; upper left represents same data, color-coded for depth (z), facilitating tracking of individual events; lower quadrants include transmitted light images with and without merged H2B-mNeon (green). Scale bars as indicated in video.

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