Video 1: Step-wise assembly of the human transcription PIC as revealed by successive cryo-EM reconstructions

FromStructural visualization of key steps in human transcription initiation

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[1] TBP (red) - TFIIA (orange) - TFIIB (blue) - DNA (green, yellow and cyan) - Pol II (grey), [2] plus TFIIF (purple), [3] plus TFIIE (maroon). Docking of available atomic coordinates leads to pseudo-atomic models of these PIC subcomplexes (in the movie shown for the last reconstruction). The negative stain reconstruction of the PIC including TFIIH (light pink) allows for the localization of the TFIIH helicases XPD (green ribbon) and XPB (blue ribbon) relative to the rest of the complex. Comparison of the reconstructions for the closed pre-initiation complex and for the open promoter complex suggests that a DNA translocation activity of XPB plays an essential role in promoter opening.

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