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Volume 483 Number 7388 pp123-238

8 March 2012

About the cover

It is almost a year since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was crippled by earthquake and tsunami damage. In this special issue, we look at how Japan has set about rebuilding the communities that suffered most from the natural and nuclear disasters. In Japan and elsewhere, the Fukushima experience has caused much rethinking of the economics of nuclear power, and of the state of seismic and tsunami early-warning systems. On the cover, Rikuzentakata’s 'tree of hope', a salt-damaged pine tree that survived the tsunami, pictured at sunrise on 1 January 2012. Credit: Tsuyoshi Matsumoto/Yomiuri Shimbun/AP

This Week


  • Lessons of a triple disaster

    The aftermath of the biggest earthquake in Japan's history, and the tsunami and nuclear disaster that followed, offers a map for preparing for the next catastrophe.

  • Political science

    The practice of science cannot be, nor should it be, entirely apolitical.

  • Gold in the text?

    Publishers and scientists should do more to foster the mining of research literature by computer.

World View


Seven Days

  • Seven days: 2–8 March 2012

    The week in science: China’s research-budget boost; UN meets Millennium Development goals in water and poverty; and the NIH launches an online registry for genetic tests.

News in Focus




Books and Arts

  • Energy: Plumbing the depths

    A chronicle of events preceding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has a thriller-like edge, finds Amanda Mascarelli.

    • Review of Run To Failure: BP and the Making of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster
      Abrahm Lustgarten
  • Photography: Force of nature

    Stefan Michalowski and Georgia Smith thrill to artist Berenice Abbott's 'portraits' of physical forces.

    • Review of Berenice Abbott (1898–1991), Photographs
  • Q&A: Jazz experimentalist

    Vijay Iyer is a New York jazz pianist who has academic roots in physics and music cognition. As he releases Accelerando — a follow-up to his 2009 world number one jazz album Historicity — he talks about the bodily origins of rhythm, the science of improvisation and the social function of music.

    • Review of Accelerando
      Vijay Iyer





  • The postdoc dilemma

    Balancing a career and the obligations of a full-time job can be deceptively difficult, says Gaston Small.

    • Gaston Small

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  • Bread

    A taste of history.

    • Eliza Blair



  • Insights into hominid evolution from the gorilla genome sequence

    • Aylwyn Scally
    • Julien Y. Dutheil
    • LaDeana W. Hillier
    • Gregory E. Jordan
    • Ian Goodhead
    • Javier Herrero
    • Asger Hobolth
    • Tuuli Lappalainen
    • Thomas Mailund
    • Tomas Marques-Bonet
    • Shane McCarthy
    • Stephen H. Montgomery
    • Petra C. Schwalie
    • Y. Amy Tang
    • Michelle C. Ward
    • Yali Xue
    • Bryndis Yngvadottir
    • Can Alkan
    • Lars N. Andersen
    • Qasim Ayub
    • Edward V. Ball
    • Kathryn Beal
    • Brenda J. Bradley
    • Yuan Chen
    • Chris M. Clee
    • Stephen Fitzgerald
    • Tina A. Graves
    • Yong Gu
    • Paul Heath
    • Andreas Heger
    • Emre Karakoc
    • Anja Kolb-Kokocinski
    • Gavin K. Laird
    • Gerton Lunter
    • Stephen Meader
    • Matthew Mort
    • James C. Mullikin
    • Kasper Munch
    • Timothy D. O’Connor
    • Andrew D. Phillips
    • Javier Prado-Martinez
    • Anthony S. Rogers
    • Saba Sajjadian
    • Dominic Schmidt
    • Katy Shaw
    • Jared T. Simpson
    • Peter D. Stenson
    • Daniel J. Turner
    • Linda Vigilant
    • Albert J. Vilella
    • Weldon Whitener
    • Baoli Zhu
    • David N. Cooper
    • Pieter de Jong
    • Emmanouil T. Dermitzakis
    • Evan E. Eichler
    • Paul Flicek
    • Nick Goldman
    • Nicholas I. Mundy
    • Zemin Ning
    • Duncan T. Odom
    • Chris P. Ponting
    • Michael A. Quail
    • Oliver A. Ryder
    • Stephen M. Searle
    • Wesley C. Warren
    • Richard K. Wilson
    • Mikkel H. Schierup
    • Jane Rogers
    • Chris Tyler-Smith
    • Richard Durbin

    The genome of a western lowland gorilla has been sequenced and analysed, completing the genome sequences of all great ape genera, and providing evidence for parallel accelerated evolution in chimpanzee, gorilla and human lineages at a number of loci.

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  • Corrigendum: The Amazon basin in transition

    • Eric A. Davidson
    • Alessandro C. de Araújo
    • Paulo Artaxo
    • Jennifer K. Balch
    • I. Foster Brown
    • Mercedes M. C. Bustamante
    • Michael T. Coe
    • Ruth S. DeFries
    • Michael Keller
    • Marcos Longo
    • J. William Munger
    • Wilfrid Schroeder
    • Britaldo S. Soares-Filho
    • Carlos M. Souza
    • Steven C. Wofsy