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Volume 476 Number 7359 pp125-246

11 August 2011

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All life at deep-sea hydrothermal vents relies on the geofuels provided by hot fluids spewing from the sea floor. Only two of these fuels were known to provide energy for chemosynthetic symbionts — reduced sulphur compounds, used by sulphur-oxidizing symbionts, and methane, used by methane-oxidizing symbionts. Now hydrogen can be added to that list. Bathymodiolus mussels from hydrothermal vents on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge have been found to associate with microbial symbionts that can use hydrogen for primary production. A key gene for the oxidation of hydrogen is present in the symbionts of other hydrothermal vent animals such as the tubeworm Riftia pachyptila and the shrimp Rimicaris exoculata, suggesting that hydrogen may be an important energy source in other symbioses as well. Cover illustration: Abigail Lingford.

This Week


  • Who watches the watchmen?

    Some commercial firms that oversee the ethics and scrutiny of clinical trials have been found wanting. Human volunteers in research deserve better.

  • NEON and on

    The launch of an ecological monitoring network is good news at a difficult time.

World View

  • The dark clouds over US astronomy

    The proposed cancellation of NASA's latest space telescope shows the difficulties ahead. But there is a solution, says Michael S. Turner.

Seven Days

  • Seven days: 5-11 August 2011

    The week in science: Water on Mars; New rules on scientific integrity; Tension over China's deep-sea exploration.

News in Focus




  • ArXiv at 20

    Paul Ginsparg, founder of the preprint server, reflects on two decades of sharing results rapidly online — and on the future of scholarly communication.

Books and Arts

  • In retrospect: The Lorax

    Emma Marris reflects on a classic children's fable that still has lessons for environmental policy 40 years on.

    • Review of The Lorax
      Dr Seuss
  • History: How Earth shaped up

    Andrew Robinson enjoys an account of the first expedition to the equator to calibrate latitude.

    • Review of Measure of the Earth: The Enlightenment Expedition That Reshaped Our World
      Larrie D. Ferreiro
  • Anthropology: Head to head

    A scenario blaming rats for the devastation of Easter Island doesn't account for recent results, argues Paul Bahn.

    • Review of The Statues That Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island
      Terry Hunt & Carl Lipo





  • Australia: Astronomy in the outback

    A bid to host a major international radio telescope has created a demand for astronomers in Western Australia, and built a community that looks set to endure.

    • James Mitchell Crow


  • Turning point: Joel Rosenthal

    Chemist Joel Rosenthal's move into synthetic-fuels research wins him a prestigious award and a growing lab.

    • Virginia Gewin

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Brief Communications Arising





  • The landscape of recombination in African Americans

    • Anjali G. Hinch
    • Arti Tandon
    • Nick Patterson
    • Yunli Song
    • Nadin Rohland
    • Cameron D. Palmer
    • Gary K. Chen
    • Kai Wang
    • Sarah G. Buxbaum
    • Ermeg L. Akylbekova
    • Melinda C. Aldrich
    • Christine B. Ambrosone
    • Christopher Amos
    • Elisa V. Bandera
    • Sonja I. Berndt
    • Leslie Bernstein
    • William J. Blot
    • Cathryn H. Bock
    • Eric Boerwinkle
    • Qiuyin Cai
    • Neil Caporaso
    • Graham Casey
    • L. Adrienne Cupples
    • Sandra L. Deming
    • W. Ryan Diver
    • Jasmin Divers
    • Myriam Fornage
    • Elizabeth M. Gillanders
    • Joseph Glessner
    • Curtis C. Harris
    • Jennifer J. Hu
    • Sue A. Ingles
    • William Isaacs
    • Esther M. John
    • W. H. Linda Kao
    • Brendan Keating
    • Rick A. Kittles
    • Laurence N. Kolonel
    • Emma Larkin
    • Loic Le Marchand
    • Lorna H. McNeill
    • Robert C. Millikan
    • Murphy
    • Solomon Musani
    • Christine Neslund-Dudas
    • Sarah Nyante
    • George J. Papanicolaou
    • Michael F. Press
    • Bruce M. Psaty
    • Alex P. Reiner
    • Stephen S. Rich
    • Jorge L. Rodriguez-Gil
    • Jerome I. Rotter
    • Benjamin A. Rybicki
    • Ann G. Schwartz
    • Lisa B. Signorello
    • Margaret Spitz
    • Sara S. Strom
    • Michael J. Thun
    • Margaret A. Tucker
    • Zhaoming Wang
    • John K. Wiencke
    • John S. Witte
    • Margaret Wrensch
    • Xifeng Wu
    • Yuko Yamamura
    • Krista A. Zanetti
    • Wei Zheng
    • Regina G. Ziegler
    • Xiaofeng Zhu
    • Susan Redline
    • Joel N. Hirschhorn
    • Brian E. Henderson
    • Herman A. Taylor Jr
    • Alkes L. Price
    • Hakon Hakonarson
    • Stephen J. Chanock
    • Christopher A. Haiman
    • James G. Wilson
    • David Reich
    • Simon R. Myers