Promoting science careers in Brazil

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The prestigious State University of Campinas, which accounts for almost 15% of Brazil's output of scientific research papers, has been running a successful programme since 2003 that has similar goals to Scientific American's '1,000 Scientists in 1,000 Days' initiative (Nature 473, 123; 2011).

'Vocations in Science and the Arts' helps public high schools in the city. Students spend a month in one of the university's research laboratories, learning how to conduct a simple research project and how to interpret their findings. They then present these at a university 'congress'. They feel like scientists from start to finish, and get a sense of the highs and lows of research work.

Our molecular-genetics lab has so far helped 18 students under this programme, of whom at least one-third are intending to pursue a career in biology.

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  1. State University of Campinas, Brazil.

    • Lucas Leite Cunha &
    • Laura Sterian Ward

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