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Volume 473 Number 7346 pp123-248

12 May 2011

About the cover

Control theory can be used to steer engineered and natural systems towards a desired state, but a framework to control complex self-organized systems is lacking. Can such networks be controlled? Albert-László Barabási and colleagues tackle this question and arrive at precise mathematical answers that amount to 'yes, up to a point'. They develop analytical tools to study the controllability of an arbitrary complex directed network using both model and real systems, ranging from regulatory, neural and metabolic pathways in living organisms to food webs, cell-phone movements and social interactions. They identify the minimum set of driver nodes whose time-dependent control can guide the system's entire dynamics. Surprisingly, these are not usually located at the network hubs. On the cover, part of the cactus structure, a subset of nodes that have a key role in the control of real networks, with nodes in blue and drivers in red, visualized by Mauro Martino (

This Week


  • Those who can

    An initiative from Scientific American aims to find 1,000 scientists to visit schools, help teachers and boost US education.

  • Value judgements

    The scientific endeavour needs to deliver public value, not just research papers.

  • Online image

    The Internet offers ways for researchers to steer public perceptions, for bad and good.

World View


Seven Days


News in Focus




  • WHO needs change

    The World Health Organization needs major reform to regain its leadership as a convener and provider of scientific and technical knowledge, says Barry R. Bloom.

  • Rebuilding seismology

    Two months on from the earthquake and tsunami that hit their country on 11 March, five Japanese seismologists reflect on what they have learned from it so far.

Books and Arts

  • Climate economics: Corporate greening falls short

    Gail Whiteman is unconvinced by an argument that naked greed and market forces will drive businesses to cut their emissions.

    • Review of Climate Capitalism: Capitalism in the Age of Climate Change
      L. Hunter Lovins & Boyd Cohen
  • Communication: Popcorn and Petri dishes

    Cinemas are today's scientific lecture halls, finds Kevin Hand in a book probing how research enriches film.

    • Review of Lab Coats in Hollywood: Science, Scientists, and Cinema
      David A. Kirby
  • Art: Taking the long view of nature

    A monograph highlights how artist Tania Kovats views geological and evolutionary time, notes Colin Martin.

    • Review of Tania Kovats
      Jeremy Millar & Philip Hoare
  • Art: Pinball wizardry

    A European show reveals new ways of thinking about energy, Daniel Cressey learns.

    • Review of Beyond Entropy







  • Geosciences: Earth works

    There's good news for aspiring geoscientists. Job opportunities at all career stages are on the rise.

    • Sid Perkins


  • Turning point: John Dabiri

    A biophysicist who linked jellyfish hydrodynamics to blood flow now turns his attention to wind energy.

    • Karen Kaplan

Career Briefs


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  • Enterotypes of the human gut microbiome

    • Manimozhiyan Arumugam
    • Jeroen Raes
    • Eric Pelletier
    • Denis Le Paslier
    • Takuji Yamada
    • Daniel R. Mende
    • Gabriel R. Fernandes
    • Julien Tap
    • Thomas Bruls
    • Jean-Michel Batto
    • Marcelo Bertalan
    • Natalia Borruel
    • Francesc Casellas
    • Leyden Fernandez
    • Laurent Gautier
    • Torben Hansen
    • Masahira Hattori
    • Tetsuya Hayashi
    • Michiel Kleerebezem
    • Ken Kurokawa
    • Marion Leclerc
    • Florence Levenez
    • Chaysavanh Manichanh
    • H. Bjørn Nielsen
    • Trine Nielsen
    • Nicolas Pons
    • Julie Poulain
    • Junjie Qin
    • Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten
    • Sebastian Tims
    • David Torrents
    • Edgardo Ugarte
    • Erwin G. Zoetendal
    • Jun Wang
    • Francisco Guarner
    • Oluf Pedersen
    • Willem M. de Vos
    • Søren Brunak
    • Joel Doré
    • MetaHIT Consortium (additional members)
    • Jean Weissenbach
    • S. Dusko Ehrlich
    • Peer Bork