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Volume 471 Number 7339 pp409-542

24 March 2011

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Transgenic zebrafish carrying the human oncogene BRAF(V600E), the most common mutation in melanoma patients, provide a convenient model for melanoma. Two papers from Leonard Zon and colleagues demonstrate the potential of this system in the study of cancer genetics and in drug development. Ceol et al. screen for genes that cooperate with mutated BRAF, and identify SETDB1 as capable of accelerating melanoma formation in fish. The gene is found in a region that is frequently amplified in human melanomas, and its gene product, SETDB1, is a histone methylating enzyme that is often overexpressed in those melanomas. This work establishes SETDB1 as an important oncogene. White et al. find expression of a gene signature in melanoma-susceptible zebrafish embryos that is indicative of disrupted differentiation of neural crest progenitors. A chemical screen identifies leflunomide, an immunomodulatory drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, as an inhibitor of neural crest stem cells. Leflunomide has antimelanoma activity in human melanoma xenografts and might prove useful as an anticancer drug, particularly in combination with BRAF inhibitors. On the cover, a heavily pigmented zebrafish expressing both SETDB1 and BRAF-V600E in its melanocytes. Credit: Yariv Houvras.

This Week


  • The long road back

    For now, Japan's scientists have higher priorities than rebuilding their research infrastructure, but when they do get to it, they will need help from the international scientific community.

  • Contact your MP!

    British readers should help to change libel laws that suppress global scientific discussion.

  • A unifying cause

    Conference of science journalists can strengthen ties between the Arab world and the West.

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  • Journey to the mantle of the Earth

    On the 50th anniversary of the first attempt to drill into Earth's mantle, Damon Teagle and Benoît Ildefonse say that what was once science fiction is now possible.

Books and Arts

  • Health: A long, diligent life

    A 90-year cohort study hints that personality plays a unexpected part in lifespan, finds Marten Lagergren.

    • Review of The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study Howard S. Friedman Leslie R. Martin
  • Conservation: After the auroch

    Emma Marris is gripped by an account of our love-hate relationship with extinct megafauna.

    • Review of Once and Future Giants: What Ice Age Extinctions Tell Us About the Fate of Earth's Largest Animals Sharon Levy
  • Medicine: Clinical precision

    W. F. Bynum enjoys a history of three revolutionary moments in health care.

    • Review of The Making of Modern Medicine: Turning Points in the Treatment of Disease Michael Bliss
  • Theatre: A monstrous tale

    A new staging of Frankenstein plays up the monster but draws no morals about science, finds Philip Ball.

    • Review of Frankenstein







  • Turning point: Richard Green

    Computational biologist's fellowship will help him to explore developmental and evolutionary biology.

    • Virginia Gewin

Career Briefs


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  • Renewal

    Flesh of my flesh.

    • Peter Roberts


Brief Communications Arising

  • Inclusive fitness theory and eusociality

    • Patrick Abbot
    • Jun Abe
    • John Alcock
    • Samuel Alizon
    • Joao A. C. Alpedrinha
    • Malte Andersson
    • Jean-Baptiste Andre
    • Minus van Baalen
    • Francois Balloux
    • Sigal Balshine
    • Nick Barton
    • Leo W. Beukeboom
    • Jay M. Biernaskie
    • Trine Bilde
    • Gerald Borgia
    • Michael Breed
    • Sam Brown
    • Redouan Bshary
    • Angus Buckling
    • Nancy T. Burley
    • Max N. Burton-Chellew
    • Michael A. Cant
    • Michel Chapuisat
    • Eric L. Charnov
    • Tim Clutton-Brock
    • Andrew Cockburn
    • Blaine J. Cole
    • Nick Colegrave
    • Leda Cosmides
    • Iain D. Couzin
    • Jerry A. Coyne
    • Scott Creel
    • Bernard Crespi
    • Robert L. Curry
    • Sasha R. X. Dall
    • Troy Day
    • Janis L. Dickinson
    • Lee Alan Dugatkin
    • Claire El Mouden
    • Stephen T. Emlen
    • Jay Evans
    • Regis Ferriere
    • Jeremy Field
    • Susanne Foitzik
    • Kevin Foster
    • William A. Foster
    • Charles W. Fox
    • Juergen Gadau
    • Sylvain Gandon
    • Andy Gardner
    • Michael G. Gardner
    • Thomas Getty
    • Michael A. D. Goodisman
    • Alan Grafen
    • Rick Grosberg
    • Christina M. Grozinger
    • Pierre-Henri Gouyon
    • Darryl Gwynne
    • Paul H. Harvey
    • Ben J. Hatchwell
    • Jürgen Heinze
    • Heikki Helantera
    • Ken R. Helms
    • Kim Hill
    • Natalie Jiricny
    • Rufus A. Johnstone
    • Alex Kacelnik
    • E. Toby Kiers
    • Hanna Kokko
    • Jan Komdeur
    • Judith Korb
    • Daniel Kronauer
    • Rolf Kümmerli
    • Laurent Lehmann
    • Timothy A. Linksvayer
    • Sébastien Lion
    • Bruce Lyon
    • James A. R. Marshall
    • Richard McElreath
    • Yannis Michalakis
    • Richard E. Michod
    • Douglas Mock
    • Thibaud Monnin
    • Robert Montgomerie
    • Allen J. Moore
    • Ulrich G. Mueller
    • Ronald Noë
    • Samir Okasha
    • Pekka Pamilo
    • Geoff A. Parker
    • Jes S. Pedersen
    • Ido Pen
    • David Pfennig
    • David C. Queller
    • Daniel J. Rankin
    • Sarah E. Reece
    • Hudson K. Reeve
    • Max Reuter
    • Gilbert Roberts
    • Simon K. A. Robson
    • Denis Roze
    • Francois Rousset
    • Olav Rueppell
    • Joel L. Sachs
    • Lorenzo Santorelli
    • Paul Schmid-Hempel
    • Michael P. Schwarz
    • Tom Scott-Phillips
    • Janet Shellmann-Sherman
    • Paul W. Sherman
    • David M. Shuker
    • Jeff Smith
    • Joseph C. Spagna
    • Beverly Strassmann
    • Andrew V. Suarez
    • Liselotte Sundström
    • Michael Taborsky
    • Peter Taylor
    • Graham Thompson
    • John Tooby
    • Neil D. Tsutsui
    • Kazuki Tsuji
    • Stefano Turillazzi
    • Francisco Úbeda
    • Edward L. Vargo
    • Bernard Voelkl
    • Tom Wenseleers
    • Stuart A. West
    • Mary Jane West-Eberhard
    • David F. Westneat
    • Diane C. Wiernasz
    • Geoff Wild
    • Richard Wrangham
    • Andrew J. Young
    • David W. Zeh
    • Jeanne A. Zeh
    • Andrew Zink


  • Initial genome sequencing and analysis of multiple myeloma

    • Michael A. Chapman
    • Michael S. Lawrence
    • Jonathan J. Keats
    • Kristian Cibulskis
    • Carrie Sougnez
    • Anna C. Schinzel
    • Christina L. Harview
    • Jean-Philippe Brunet
    • Gregory J. Ahmann
    • Mazhar Adli
    • Kenneth C. Anderson
    • Kristin G. Ardlie
    • Daniel Auclair
    • Angela Baker
    • P. Leif Bergsagel
    • Bradley E. Bernstein
    • Yotam Drier
    • Rafael Fonseca
    • Stacey B. Gabriel
    • Craig C. Hofmeister
    • Sundar Jagannath
    • Andrzej J. Jakubowiak
    • Amrita Krishnan
    • Joan Levy
    • Ted Liefeld
    • Sagar Lonial
    • Scott Mahan
    • Bunmi Mfuko
    • Stefano Monti
    • Louise M. Perkins
    • Robb Onofrio
    • Trevor J. Pugh
    • S. Vincent Rajkumar
    • Alex H. Ramos
    • David S. Siegel
    • Andrey Sivachenko
    • A. Keith Stewart
    • Suzanne Trudel
    • Ravi Vij
    • Douglas Voet
    • Wendy Winckler
    • Todd Zimmerman
    • John Carpten
    • Jeff Trent
    • William C. Hahn
    • Levi A. Garraway
    • Matthew Meyerson
    • Eric S. Lander
    • Gad Getz
    • Todd R. Golub
  • The developmental transcriptome of Drosophila melanogaster

    • Brenton R. Graveley
    • Angela N. Brooks
    • Joseph W. Carlson
    • Michael O. Duff
    • Jane M. Landolin
    • Li Yang
    • Carlo G. Artieri
    • Marijke J. van Baren
    • Nathan Boley
    • Benjamin W. Booth
    • James B. Brown
    • Lucy Cherbas
    • Carrie A. Davis
    • Alex Dobin
    • Renhua Li
    • Wei Lin
    • John H. Malone
    • Nicolas R. Mattiuzzo
    • David Miller
    • David Sturgill
    • Brian B. Tuch
    • Chris Zaleski
    • Dayu Zhang
    • Marco Blanchette
    • Sandrine Dudoit
    • Brian Eads
    • Richard E. Green
    • Ann Hammonds
    • Lichun Jiang
    • Phil Kapranov
    • Laura Langton
    • Norbert Perrimon
    • Jeremy E. Sandler
    • Kenneth H. Wan
    • Aarron Willingham
    • Yu Zhang
    • Yi Zou
    • Justen Andrews
    • Peter J. Bickel
    • Steven E. Brenner
    • Michael R. Brent
    • Peter Cherbas
    • Thomas R. Gingeras
    • Roger A. Hoskins
    • Thomas C. Kaufman
    • Brian Oliver
    • Susan E. Celniker
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  • Comprehensive analysis of the chromatin landscape in Drosophila melanogaster

    • Peter V. Kharchenko
    • Artyom A. Alekseyenko
    • Yuri B. Schwartz
    • Aki Minoda
    • Nicole C. Riddle
    • Jason Ernst
    • Peter J. Sabo
    • Erica Larschan
    • Andrey A. Gorchakov
    • Tingting Gu
    • Daniela Linder-Basso
    • Annette Plachetka
    • Gregory Shanower
    • Michael Y. Tolstorukov
    • Lovelace J. Luquette
    • Ruibin Xi
    • Youngsook L. Jung
    • Richard W. Park
    • Eric P. Bishop
    • Theresa K. Canfield
    • Richard Sandstrom
    • Robert E. Thurman
    • David M. MacAlpine
    • John A. Stamatoyannopoulos
    • Manolis Kellis
    • Sarah C. R. Elgin
    • Mitzi I. Kuroda
    • Vincenzo Pirrotta
    • Gary H. Karpen
    • Peter J. Park
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