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Volume 468 Number 7325 pp731-862

9 December 2010

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The appearance of embryos in related species converges midway through development and diverges thereafter, a phenomenon known as the developmental hourglass. The hourglass model builds on classic observations by Karl Ernst von Baer, later popularized by Ernst Haeckel — Charles Darwin’s champion in Germany. But is this ‘phylotypic stage’ real? Two groups use contrasting methodology to test — and provide support for — the model. Genes expressed during the phylotypic stage are both evolutionarily older and more conserved across the genus than those expressed at other stages. On the cover, a version of Haeckel’s drawing of 1879 constructed from thousands of images of expression patterns during Drosophila embryogenesis. Picture credit: Pavel Tomancak

This Week


  • Singapore's salad days are over

    Uncertainty has replaced confidence as economic reality bites science in the city-state and scientists find that their research funds now come with strings attached.

  • Animal instinct

    Germany must better explain the scientific use of animals to remain a major biomedical force.

World view

  • Women scientists must speak out

    Female researchers still battle sexism. The media gives them an opportunity to be heard alongside male colleagues, says Jennifer Rohn

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  • Lessons from Bayh–Dole

    Developing countries wanting to boost commercialization of their academic research should learn from the mistakes of US patenting legislation, says Bhaven N. Sampat.

  • More for the research dollar

    Funders and universities should make the products of research more available — even if today's researchers pay a price, say Jeffrey L. Furman, Fiona Murray and Scott Stern.

Books and Arts

  • Biography: The ABC of computing

    An engaging biography of John Atanasoff reveals the obscure origins of the computer, explains John Gilbey.

    • Review of The Man Who Invented the Computer: The Biography of John Atanasoff, Digital Pioneer Jane Smiley
  • Sculpture: Engineering art

    Neil Dodgson admires the technical mastery of sculptor Anish Kapoor.

    • Review of Anish Kapoor: Turning the World Upside Down Anish Kapoor
  • Bibliometrics: Measure for measure

    A useful guide to citation analysis shows that counting publications is harder than it looks, finds Ton van Raan.

    • Review of The Publish or Perish Book: A Guide to Effective and Responsible Citation Analysis Anne-Wil Harzing
  • Conservation: A magical process

    Prince Charles's call to stay close to nature follows a rich tradition of environmental thinking, says Philip Stott.

    • Review of Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World HRH The Prince of Wales with Tony Juniper Ian Skelly





  • Food-safety sentinels

    Disease outbreaks in recent years have revealed the vulnerability of food supplies. But they offer opportunities for those interested in waging war on microbes.

    • Laura Cassiday


  • Turning point

    Rutgers University biophysicist explains how heading overseas has enriched his career.

    • Virginia Gewin

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